Tuesday, May 11, 2010

POTG Radio Podcast with Chris Hayes and Tuesday Tidbits

Last night's POTG Radio podcast was one of the more interesting shows that we have had in a while. Chris Hayes was our guest and he discussed the Freddy Charles Experiment that he has recently started undertaking.

As Chris explained during the show, he was never a hockey fan until he was bitten by the bug a few weeks ago during game five of the Predators-Blackhawks series. After an immediate attraction to all hockey has to offer to a fan, he decided to set out on a one year project to learn and take in everything he could about the game, history, culture and fans.

He is off to a good start and we were pleased to catch him at the start of his journey. We will have him back periodically to see what he has learned.

You can listen with the attached player or download the podcast at iTunes.

Last Night's Playoff Action...

As we discussed the reasons to love hockey with Chris, two of the best examples were unfolding before our eyes. Montreal and Philadelphia were facing elimination and staved off the opposition to give us more games to watch. It was unfortunate that both games were on at the same time.

Montreal came from behind with two goals in the second period and one in the third for a 4-3 win to force a game seven in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. Michael Cammalleri and Jaroslav Spacek were the heroes during the charge where the Habs avoided elimination and are entering a game seven where anything could happen.

Philadelphia's 4-0 win over Boston was even more surprising. Micheal Leighton came in for the injured Brian Boucher early in the game and shut down Boston's offense to provide for the combined shutout. Leighton had not played since he was injured in a a game against the Predators on March 16. Last night was the first game in the playoffs that he had suited up as the backup. Boston has a 3-2 lead in the series that returns to Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

As compelling as a Boston-Pittsburgh match up seemed a few weeks ago, it may be that from a rivalry basis, a Montreal-Boston, original six match, with the crazy fans in Montreal as a backdrop could be a more compelling series. With that in mind, Go Habs and Bruins!

Tonight's Game...

The Chicago Vancouver series returns to the west coast in a 8:30 CDT game on Versus that is guaranteed to be compelling. Chicago leads the seried 3-1 so Vancouver can either win to tie the series sending it to game seven in Chicago or lose and watch the rest of the playoffs from the couch. There is plenty of bad blood to go around in this hard fought series making it a game not to miss.

World Championships...

Monday was another disastrous day for Team USA at the World Championships as they lost to Denmark 2-1 in overtime and now face Finland on Wednesday in a game that they may have to wing to avoid going into the relegation round.

Finland beat Germany 1-0 but Pekka Rinne was not in goal for the Fins. Switzerland and Canada also won on Monday.

Today's schedule is as follows:

Russia - Kazakhstan 9:15am
Czech Republic - Norway 9:15am
Belarus - Slovakia 1:15pm
Sweden - France 1:15pm

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon is back from vacation and has an update on the two Pred prospects looking to play in the Memorial Cup games. Moncton did go on to win last night so both Ryan Ellis and Gabriel Bourque will play in the Memorial Cup that begins on Friday May 14.

Jim Diamond has the complete story of Moncton's big clinching win from last night.

John also reports that Pred's Assistant Paul Fenton has not been contacted for the open GM slot in Tampa. He also has updates on the Preds at the World Championships.

Here is the weekly update from Cincinnati where the Cyclones are the only Predators affiliated team still in the playoffs. Here's a look at the ECHL brackets.

Dirk is celebrating his 1000th member with a give-away. Congrats to Dirk on his loyal following.

Around the NHL...

The Situation in Phoenix is coming to a head again today when the City of Glendale meets to discuss the Ice Edge bid. Five for Howling has the latest round-up of information. Tonight's 7 p.m. MST city council meeting could determine whether the Coyotes stay or go.

Team USA needs help at the Worlds but Jimmy Howard won't be a part of it. From @kausatoday: Detroit's Jimmy Howard declines USA's invitation to play at the World Championships because of nagging injury issue.

Puck The Media confirms that Dan Patrick will be the studio host of NBC's coverage of the Stanley Cup finals. Steve also deals with William Houston and his recent off the wall posts.

Ryan at the RLD has the top five trade targets for the summer.

Craig Custance reports that rumors of Nicklas Lidstrom's retirement are premature.

Ken Campbell takes out about a third of the NHL teams as needing new ownership (as usual, Nashville makes the list).

Cassie McClellan of Raw Charge and Su Ring of Daily Su are starting a new podcast called Connect Puck Talk which will be on Sundays and discuss all things hockey.

Intent to Blow has hockey players telling Lebron James to "Man Up Cupcake".

Some great look-a-likes from the Chicago-Vancouver series at Blades of Funny.

Probably a little soon but here is the Sami Salo version of HWBM. It is still amazing that Denis Grebeshkov played two periods after his incident.

Flood Update...

Nice new artwork at We Are Nashville.

@TideLoadsofHope is in town and getting set up. Follow them on Twitter for the latest info on how to get you clothes washed.

The Predators Foundation has been a very active partner in the Flood Relief efforts. Here is their release.

Odds and Ends...

Foursquare just reached 40 million check-ins five weeks after it hit 22 million. This is an incredible growth rate. I don't know if it is related but I've had an increasing amount of errors where I can't check in properly because they think I'm someplace else. I don't think it is the phone because it gives the correct location.

I signed up for the Blackberry Beta program about a week ago and received an invite for the Blackberry Podcast beta today. This looks like it will be a useful way to listen to podcasts over the BB and to access new editions from anywhere.

Idle threats on Twitter can lead to an arrest as this many found out when he threatened to blow up an airport. Be careful. You never know who is searching your tweet stream.

I'm not real sure if this guy is serious. This spam-like video has an "expert" teaching "intuition". I guess this is a 21st century version of a snake oil salesman.

More Later...

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