Tuesday, January 3, 2012

POTG NHL Seven Stories: Most Outrageous Lawsuit Edition

  1. Winter Classic ratings were down 15% from 2011's prime time game but still had a respectable showing. Steve LaPore has the overnight numbers. Updated numbers shows that viewing was actually up. I'm confused.
  2. According to an alleged "leaked" report, five NHL teams have serious issues with their income stream (No, the Preds are not one of them).
  3. Ken Campbell looks at five issues facing hockey in the coming year. Three of the five are significant.
  4. Mike Green is making a return to the Washington Capitals line-up after not having played since November 11. The Caps have looked better lately but have missed Green's offense.
  5. After missing #500 against the Predators on New Year's Day, Jarome Iginla hopes to get it tonight in Washington.
  6. Pen's beat writer Rob Rossi is out as the main guy at The Trib in Pittsburgh according to this report
  7. Down Goes Brown has a look at Gary Bettman's New Year's Eve party.

The U.S. Chamber for Legal Reform has named it's top ten most outrageous lawsuits of 2011. This basically proves that you can find an attorney that will sue for anything.

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