Monday, March 30, 2009

PredsOnTheGlass Radio Cheat Sheet 3-30-09

Tonight's show at 7:00 Central on Blog Talk Radio is ready to roll. The Predators are also on a roll after back to back wins the last two nights and getting points in their last eight games. Our lead story is obviously the push for the playoffs and where things stand and the Preds improving chances of making the playoffs as documented at SportClubStats. Can you believe five teams from the central are in the top eight? The Blues are hot - two stories one two.

We have been able to reschedule Jason Gregor from The Team 1260 in Edmonton to discuss the Western Conference race and the Oilers. He regretted not making it last week but his PM drive time show was extended due to an Oil Kings playoff game.

As points out today the Preds have surpassed the 2 of 3 winning standard since the all-star game going 18-7-5 since then and 4 of 6 would give us a 99.8% chance of the playoffs.

Speaking of, Their inaugural podcast was a high quality production and is a must hear for hockey fans everywhere. We hope to have Jeremy on tonight to give us the story of how it came about and what to expect going forward.

We will touch on big wins over the Sharks, Kings and Wings and the OTL to the Ducks in the last week.

The Forechecker does a much better weekly wrap up so if you don't want to keep reading go here.

Injuries to Jason Arnott, David Legwand, Ryan Jones and now Marty Erat is out for a month. John Glennon delivers the bad news on Legwand's situation and the recall of Mike Santorelli.

What about Cal O'Reilly as a replacement? What a great kid, even got his picture taken in front of the Sommet Center.

I have a story coming out in the Columbia Daily Herald tomorrow about Barry Trotz dealing with adversity. He is having a lot of practice at it.

Tomorrow's game against Columbus is huge since with a win we can move into a tie for sixth. I am still lining up a guest from Columbus for the show.

Steve Mason
now has 10 shutouts but lost the last couple of nights. Boomer on NHL HomeIce is really pushing for Pekka to get the Calder.

You have to hand it to the Blue Jackets for the signing of Ryan Salmons (Family Blog) a teen hockey player who is undergoing treatment for cancer. He has been deemed the BJ's most significant player and the team is developing jerseys for sale with his name on it. Here are a story here .

Talk about fans, this Flames fan went crazy and threatend Steve Mason during last weeks Flames - Blue Jackets game. Puck Daddy also weighs in on it.

Mirtle has a great story on Steve Sullivan today and wrote on him as a Masterson Trophy candidate too.

Bruins writer Jesse Connelly takes a look at the post season awards race. Sully for Masterson again!

Earth Hour was different on Saturday. Rachel from WhatThePuck gave a preview and the Tennessean had cool pics today.

The Predators web site had a good article on the Preds goaltending history and also has a place to vote on the Top 10 moments of the year.

Forechecker did the math today (as always) and reports that the Preds are a lock on the 14k paid attendence goal.

Forechecker, Mirtle and John Glennon got me all wound up last Thursday and I called Gary Bettman on the NHL hour about the "Mixed Martial Arts" moves that Brad Staubitz put on Jordin Tootoo he ducked the question. Imagine that. We will listen to what he said. Jackson disagrees with me on this one.

Bettman also commented on the NHL Awards ceremony at $550 a ticket.

Ray Emery is back in Canada and is already in trouble - two stories one two.

Scott Harnell wig night in Philly was a big success.

The NCAA Frozen four is set. Preds prospects made the final 16 and Colin Wilson and BU is headed to the final four. Here are a bunch of stories. One two three four five

If Chicago and Vancouver meet up in the playoffs, watch out. Here's the brawl from last night. The Hawks may be chearing for the Nooks to move into third.

USA Today has a poll saying Ovie will repeat for the Hart. Jackson thinks Malkin will win.

Always a Twitter story... Mark Cuban fined for Tweeting about officiating in basketball.

Don Cherry, watch this, a goalie celebration that makes Ovie look calm. And here's a top ten of celebrations. Ovie takes it all in stride here and here.

I love XM HomeIce's Mick Kern's
Ovie saga.

After all we have been through with ownership changes, you have to feel sorry for Phoenix fans and their situation.

Boots Update - His pal is scummier than he is.

Good guy Chris Mason got the NHL first star of the week going 4-0 and leading the Blues surge. He had a great interview on XM HomeIce with Phil Esposito this afternoon. Hopefully they will post it here.

And finally we would like to thank Mark Willoughby from The View From 111 for spending the entire hour with us last week. If you haven't heard it, skip this week's show and listen now. He was that good.

So join us tonight for some of this and more. You never know what will happen.

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Codey H. said...

That's one busy hour!!
Should be great as always.

PredsOnTheGlass said...

I'm paranoid. It's enough for a day and I don't think we touched any of it. I really wanted to bash Bettman over his answer to me on the NHL Hour but it will hold for another show.