Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whoops! A Look Back at Our Preseason Western Conference Picks

Now that we know the eight teams that will be in the Western Conference Finals (even though the order is up in the air), it's time to look back at our pre-season picks to see how we did.

Here were my predictions. Go here for the original post with some comments for each team.

1. Anaheim
2. Vancouver
3. Detroit
4. Calgary
5. San Jose
6. Chicago
7. St. Louis
8. Nashville
9. Los Angeles
10. Minnesota
11. Columbus
12. Dallas
13. Edmonton
14. Phoenix
15. Colorado

Jackson must have been drinking some of the same Anaheim kool-aid. Here are his picks (and comments at the original post).

1. Detroit Red Wings
2. Anaheim Ducks
3. Vancouver Canucks
4. Chicago Blackhawks
5. San Jose Sharks
6. Calgary Flames
7. St. Louis Blues
8. Nashville Predators
9. Columbus Blue Jackets
10. Minnesota Wild
11. Dallas Stars
12. Los Angeles Kings
13. Edmonton Oilers
14. Phoenix Coyotes
15. Colorado Avalanche

While we both had Phoenix and Colorado buried in last place (as did most folks), our biggest miss had to be with Anaheim. We both had the Ducks going all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals and Jackson had them winning the whole thing.

So officially, we each had five of the eight eventual teams that made the playoffs. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of other prognostications. I'm guessing that five of eight may not be that bad.

Once the top eight in the East are determined, we'll look at our results there which may be a bit better.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


The Odd Man Rush said...

I think Anaheim's struggles are as big of a surprise to me as the success of Colorado or Phoenix. If you look over the lineup...Perry, Getzlaf, Selanne, Koivu,Ryan, Niedermayer, Hiller, etc...and there's no apparent weaknesses. True that they've had some injury issues, but it's surprising that they've fallen off so badly.

If I had to point the finger at one thing, I'd say that the loss of Pronger was huge both on and off the ice. It's difficult to fill his huge void, especially when you also lost a minutes-eater like Francois Beauchemin. The Ducks got a promising young d-man in Luca Sbisa back in that Pronger deal, but he's not ready to replace two players like Pronger and Beauch.

Matt Reitz said...

Doubted the Kings? *shakes head*