Tuesday, May 4, 2010

POTG Podcast with Pred Bloggers and Tuesday Tidbits

Last night's POTG Radio is now up on podcast at the link below as well as on iTunes. It was probably the deepest Predator discussion we have had in the history of the show, looking at the positives and negatives in all aspects of the just completed season.

As guests we had Ryan Porth from The Red Light District, Dirk Hoag from On The Forecheck, Mark Willoughby from The View From 111, and Jeremy Gover from Section 303.

We had a true round-table format with each Predator writer giving their thoughts and grades to the Predators in each area of the teams performance. We also looked ahead to next season and discussed the pros and cons of Jason Arnott as captain.

Click on the player below to listen. I think you will enjoy the show.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Last Night...

Last night's games were both thrillers with dramatic endings.

The Flyers came back to tie Boston twice but the Bruins pulled ahead for good with a Milan Lucic goal with less than three minutes left to give Boston a 3-2 win and give them a 2-0 lead in the series.

In the late game, Chicago got off to a slow start before taking the lead with 90 seconds left on a real nifty play where Kris Versteeg scored to put the Hawks in the lead. The final was 4-2 after Patrick Kane sealed the deal with an empty netter. The series is now tied at 1-1.

Tonight's games...

Tonight's schedule is really messed up with both games going on at the same time. Pittsburgh travels to Montreal for a 6:00 CDT start while San Jose is in Detroit for a 6:30 CDT start. Both are allegedly on Versus but you will need NHL Center Ice to see the Sharks-Wings game in its entirety.

In Pred Nation...

Had the Predators won their first round match with the Blackhawks, the picture (Thanks to @nashvillest) to the right would indicate that game three that probably would have been set for Wednesday would have been difficult to play.

I'm not sure what the NHL precedent would be for something like this. The 1989 World Series was delayed 10 days due to the Loma Prieta Earthquake that devastated the Bay Area of California during the pre-game ceremonies for game three.

I'm sure no one could imagine what the Stanley Cup Playoffs would look like at the good old home of the Nashville Dixie Flyers, the Municipal Auditorium.

Dirk the Forechecker looks at games moving to Atlanta. What a caravan that would be.

My other question was if they were able to protect the logo in the dressing room. @Sullivan26 provided the answer in the picture to the left.

Paul McCann has a brief update with a list of ways to help if you want to contribute money to the flood victims.

Yard Barker has "A Week to Forget" with Dave Gutzman recounting the events of the last seven days going from the Preds loss to the massive flood.

From @BlakeGeoffrion: Alright so I get to throw out the first pitch of the twins game on friday, you think MN fans will show me some love? Congrats on the honor.

From @BlueJacketsBuzz: did you see that GM Howson said Peterson was never a candidate for the CBJ job?

Around the NHL...

Ryan at the Red Light District has a good Radio show lined up for Noon CDT today with the Team 990's Conor McKenna and Inside Hockey's Tim Rosenthal discussing the two Eastern Conference series. Ryan's show is always good lunchtime listening.

PHT reports a crackdown on diving. It's about time.

Steve Lapore has the latest ratings for NBC's weekend broadcast. In spite of being on the Hispanic channel in Nashville, they did well.

Intent to Blow has the latest on the Tin Foil flash mob in Detroit.

Nashville Flood...

The floods in Nashville continue to be front and center in the news. Here is a slide show of water around lower Broad and the riverfront in downtown. Folks not familiar with the area can't grasp how bad things are in the Nashville area.

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel which is the largest in Nashville indicated that it may be closed for "months". For those who aren't familiar with the hotel, the picture on the left is indoors in one of the three major atriums. (credit for picture unknown-advise if you know) Here is another Facebook album from Stephen Lee of Opryland flood pics. Lat word today is that the whole area may be closed for up to a year.

Friend of the site George Scoville (@stackiii), has a piece on Monday criticizing Obama for his lack of concern for the flooding in a state that did not go his way in the last election and certainly won't in the next one. Indication was later in the day (no doubt due to George's post) that Obama did agree to declare a state of emergency.

There is a Twitter List for Nashville flood information.

Odds and Ends...

Dahlia Kurtz (aka Hockey Girl) has an article that should concern women world-wide. The wonderful UN has elected Iran to its Commission of the Status of Women. You know how progressibe those Iranians are.

You can't make this up. An unruly passenger on a flight between Helena and Salt Lake City tried to get into the cockpit and claimed to be a space alien.

Here is a BB app that lets you create a new ring tone from your stored music and it's on sale this week.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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TN Flood Victim said...

Just curious about your reference to the Presidential emergency declaration. To my knowledge all the official protocol was followed, with Governor Bredeson submitting a formal request, concurrence of emergency management authorities, and White House acknowlegment and delegation of overall authority to Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano. The head of FEMA was on hand for the Governor's accouncement after his post-Blackhawk tour of devastated sites statewide. Where was the delay? Or is your reader one of the folks who think the federal government should take a back seat to matters such as this one and leave all the post-flood work to the state where authority properly rests? That might be a good idea since Homeland Security has its hands full with the current disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.