Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Jordin Tootoo An NHL Hero After Whipping Sean Avery?

Folks around the NHL seem to love to hate the Predators' Jordin Tootoo as he is constantly getting abused on Twitter, message boards, and in the comments below his YouTube fight videos.

Based on public opinion via the Twitter world, it appears that Sean Avery is even more reviled and hated than Tootoo. Immediately, after Tootoo pummeled Avery and flashed the double peace signs to the sold out Bridgestone Arena crowd, the Twitter feed lit up with folks that were excited to see Avery go down.

Here is a sampling of comments:

@jmottmemphis: Sean Avery that was a long time coming. Surprise he didn't turtle like him normally does. Thank you TooToo!!

@lisa617: Jordin Tootoo is my new hero. Keep throwing those peace signs dude!
@Forechecker: Wow, Tootoo provides all the NHL with a public service by battering Avery's face into pulp... Jordin pounded him.

@stfraw: WTF was that Tootoo??? Rocky Balboa??? You made me laugh, boy :)))

@davidlasseter: Buy Tootoo a beer on behalf of hockey fans everywhere!

@predatweeter: Haha Avery v. Tootoo was always going to be a ginormous mismatch, nice going Sean, welcome to the school of beatdowns.

@nhldigest: Jordin Tootoo just made a lot of friends by beating up Sean Avery

@pattypred: sounded like GrimReaper (Stu Grimson, Preds Color man) was giddy over the Tootoo/Avery fight. At least Avery didn't turtle

@jfnscott: Just watched #preds Tootoo pummel the shit out of #rangers Avery. Excellent work. Everyone around the league knows Avery's a dick.

@CameronSelah: Jordin Tootoo's level of greatness just went up a few notches. :)

@Zannie83: Thank you Jordan tootoo for beating averys face in

@Number31: Damn it Tootoo, punch Avery harder next time.

@BlackAcesBlog: golly. Jordin Tootoo filled out Sean Avery like a job application.

@Vicvic_1986: I hope Avery gets another snootfull of Tootoo's fist. Cheap a**!?#@

@sfenush: You know youre an agitator when you are able to get Sean Avery to drop his gloves. God Bless Jordin Tootoo

@Oilerfan82: Tootoo is my hero for cleaning Avery's clock last night!

@catiekat3715: after last nite i wanna give jordin tootoo a big hug... he was already my fave pred but he beat up avery so he's amazing :)

@RACHELMALFARA: Thank you tootoo for doing what everyone wanted, kicking avery's ass

@CarrollThorpe: Sean Avery vs Jordin Tootoo. I wish you had pounded him a little more.

The YouTube video of the Tootoo-Avery fight is the hottest thing going today after it was featured on Puck Daddy's site. After the game, Jordin Tootoo was surprised that Avery actually was willing to fight as indicated in this interview.

So it appears that the consensus opinion is that Sean Avery is far more hated than Jordin Tootoo. I guess when you are talking pests and agitators in the NHL, there are multiple levels of hate and Avery appears to be at the top of the list.

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The Schwartz said...

No suspension for what he did to Smid. This is just a smidgen of what Avery deserved.

The Schwartz