Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Predators Have Their First Losing Record of the Year, Game Round-Up, and Thursday Thoughts

What started out as a promising season is now not looking so slick for the Nashville Predators as they lost their third game in a row, dropping their record to a sub .500 5-3-3. The three "loser points" tend to exaggerate the overall look of the record, but the bottom line is that have lost more than they have won.

Pekka Rinne had what was probably his worst game this season. On a better night, he possibly could have corralled all four Phoenix goals, certainly at least a couple. That is the fine margin of error that this Predator team will live and die with this season.

Pekka's positioning was questionable at times and he wandered completely away from the crease on at least three occasions in the third period and was lucky that no one scored.

Phoenix had similar issues last night as Ilya Bryzgalov was not sharp either, but he allowed one less goal and got a few breaks along the way which is how these two teams win games.

Both Phoenix and Nashville are teams that should make the playoffs but it appears that both need to right their ships and play according to their abilities. Last night's game could act as a springboard for Phoenix because they finally have all their players healed and on the ice for the first time this season.

The Predators need to put their second three-game losing streak behind them and return with a win against the leagues best team, so far, the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. They have had good success at the Staples Center, but this year's version of the Kings is better than any they have seen recently.

Hopefully, Marcel Goc's painful look at the end of the second period will not translate into a return to the injured list and he will be ready for the back to back games against the Kings and Ducks this weekend.

It may be time for Captain Shea to say a few words to the team and explain that last night's play was not acceptable to him, the coaches, or the fans.

Preds-Yotes Round-Up...

Here is our post game report from last night.

The Tennessean ran with the AP story and added Bryan Mullen's postgame ponderings.

From the blog world reports come from Amanda DiPaolo, The View from 111, Dirk Hoag (with his advances stats), Jeremy Gover, PredsBlog, What the Puck, HockeyChic, David Singleton, and Hockey Night in Nashville.

The other side of the story comes from Five for Howling, Arizona Vibe, Coyotes Examiner, the Arizona Republic, and the Coyotes Aggregator.

In Pred Nation...

Pekka Rinne's jersey launch has been pushed back to 2:03 Central on Friday. Weather did not look good today so they bumped it again.

Dirk Hoag has one of the best suggestions I've heard on how to jump start the Predators' power play unit. With the big news of the Titan's Randy Moss signing, Dirk is conducting a poll as to who is Nashville's biggest signing in their short pro sports history.

Jim Diamond answers five questions from Coyotes Examiner Anthony Perez.

Paul McCann's SlapShot Radio had as guests last night Bill Clement, Brent Peterson, and Coyotes play by play guy Bob Heethius. Check out the podcast here.

The Predators' Power rankings are all over the map this week after back to back losses.

Kelly at Preds Fanantic misses Ryan Suter.

The latest news on Zach Budish is that he will make a decision in a few days whether to rehab or jave season ending surgery.

The Milwaukee Admirals could not hold a 2-0 lead and ended up falling 3-2 to Rockford in a shootout last night.

Aaron Sims latest blog includes a link to a video where Linus Klasen played drums in a band with his father.

The SC Times has a story on Preds' prospect Cam Reid who recently had his first collegiate goal.

Around the NHL...

As if things couldn't get worse for the New Jersey Devils, Marty Brodeur left last night's game in Chicago with what was described as a bruised right elbow.

Rob Rossie nominates Michel Therrien as an available in-season replacement coach for any team ready to make a move.

Matt Reitz looks at the Predators' Sunday opponent, the Anaheim Ducks and tries to pinpoint the root of their troubles.

From the Rink looks at the three best fits for Jarome Iginla should he be traded.

Carlo Colaiacovo has been placed on Injured Reserve as a result of Jordin Tootoo's clean hit last Thursday. It appears that Tootoo was injured on the same play since he sat out on Saturday against the Wings.

The NHL injury list keeps on going. Earlier this week, Dion Phaneuf was booed by fans. Now he suffered a deep cut that required surgery and Brian Burke says will be out for four weeks.

If you don't have Rob Higgins' HFI site in your reader, you probably should.

Attendance issues in Columbus are getting noticed around the league. Habs InsideOut reviews the current situation.

Michelle Kenneth recounts her California tour of duty. I still can't believe she passed on In-N-Out Burgers.

TSN has a video discussion on the culture of hitting as it exists in the NHL today. The recent Tootoo hit if featured among others.

Scotty Wazz counts the number of outdoor games at nine this season.

Odds and Ends....

Here is the National Championship preview of the Nashville RollerGirls from the Derby News Network.

If you saw the movie "The Social Network" you might find this NYT article interesting about some of the early Facebook people starting their own companies.

It's hard to believe that Coca Cola is the largest employer in Africa but this article says that they are.

Do you have a problem with drunk tweeting? Here is a program that will help.

More Later....

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