Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rads is back! Hold on for the ride!

This one picture tweeted by Kevin Wilson of Alexander Radulov ond Barry Trotz standing in the Predators dressing room after the Preds 6-3 loss to the Edmonton Oilers speaks volumes.

The return of "Rudy" Radulov has the potential to be the greatest sport's story in Nashville pro sports history if David Poile's gamble of inserting the highly skilled, suspended player into the line-up results in a Stanley Cup parade down lower Broad.

It is a story that will be written over the next few weeks/months and the entire hockey world across all continents will be watching. Smashville is in the media cross-hairs. Enjoy the ride Predator Fans! This is what you have always dreamed of.

Here's another one with our buddy, Jay Grossman in tow. Surreal...

More Later...

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