Tuesday, February 23, 2010

POTG Radio Podcast with Steve Lapore and Intent To Blow and Tuesday Tidbits

Last night's POTG Radio episode is now available on podcast for your listening pleasure.

We had a good conversation with Steve Lapore of Puck the Media on a wide variety of topics including NBC's Olympic coverage, the uniqueness of his site, and the way hockey is covered in the media in general. If you aren't familiar with his site you should check it out. He is the only person on the internet that focuses exclusively on how the media treats hockey and it should be on your daily read list.

We also had Josh Burnett and Joe Bechtel from the new hockey humor site, Intent to Blow. It was launched on February 1 by our two guests along with Steve Stirling. The site has really taken off in a short period of time. Their stories are well written and believable (up to a point). Written humor is hard to pull off but these guys have found out how to get it done. This is another site that has become a must read on a daily basis.

In Pred Nation...

The Preds, who are still in town, hit the ice yesterday for practice. They will have Wednesday off for the big Preds gala but will try to loosen up each day for the rest of the week.

It's official that the Sommet Center arena will now be the Bridgestone Arena. An official announcement is expected at a press conference at 10 a.m. this morning. The Tennessean has a letter from Ed Lang to the Sports Council which is about as official as it gets.

More big news from Milwaukee that they have extended their agreement with the Predators for two more years with an option for a third.

John Glennon says that the Pred players have kept things in perspective in Vancouver.

Potential bad news for Pred fans was Patric Hornqvist taking a head shot in the late game on Sunday night. According to Dirk's translation, he came out "clear as a bell." Pikanen is suspended for Wednesday's game due to the hit.

Thanks again to Eric Shuff and the Tennessean for creating anew blog roll of over 100 blogs in the Nashville area covering a wide range of topics and including POTG and other Pred blogs in the list. Here is the opening note from Eric.

From the City Paper comes a story that the Nashville Sports Council will seek and NHL All-Star game.

David Boclair at The City Paper touches on the injury risks involved in Olympic play.

Olympic Notes...

Here is today's schedule:

Switzerland vs. Belarus (2:00 CST, USA) Winner will play US on Wed.
Canada-Germany (7:00 CST, CNBC) Winner will play Russia on Wed
Czech Republic-Latvia (9:00 CST,CNBC) Winner will play Finland on Wed
Slovakia-Norway (11:30 CST, CNBC) Winner will play Sweden on Wed

Wednesday's USA vs Switzerland-Belarus winner will actually be on NBC at 2:00 in the afternoon. Ice dancing is taking a day off.

Trouble in Olympic paradise as Canada will start Roberto Luongo vs Germany tonight.

Steve Lapore, our guest last night on POTG, talks about the huge mistake made by NBC.

The New York Times has an explanation of why hockey doesn't make it to prime time on NBC.

According to Sports Business Journal, the rights fees may not continue to climb for the 2014 and 2017 Olympic games. They also report that the ratings are up 21 % from Turin but down from 2002 in Stl Lake City.

According to this release 87 million folks watched the Olympics on Sunday in the US.

NBC did a mashup of their coverage vs the CBC's on the US-Canada game.

Stats have been hard to come by from most traditional sources. Here is everything in a nutshell at the IIHF Site.

NHL News...

Matt Reitz takes a look at each team at the trade deadline in a six parter by division and starts with the Atlantic division and will take a division a day all week long.

Will Jaromir Jagr return to the NHL?

Russ Cohen releases the near miss list from his 100 Ranger Greats book. Interesting.

The RedLightDistrict does not play the homer card in listing their top five picks for the Norris Trophy.

NHL Home Ice's Facebook page has pictures of Mike Ross and Shawn Lavigne at the AHL outdoor game over the weekend.

For those with a Blackberry Tour with trackball issues, here is another suggestion. I didn't quite get it to work as well as the guy in the video but will try it again later.

More Later...

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