Monday, February 22, 2010

USA Beats Canada, POTG Radio, and Weekend Wrap-Up

Team USA played an unbelievable game and managed to beat Canada on Sunday night in what may have been the second biggest win in USA's Olympic history.

Coming on the heels of the US winning the Junior tournament last month, it was a statement game in that the US has gotten closer to Canada in their development program.

Team USA's speed appeared to be the deciding factor between the two squads as the US won 5-3 in the game that went down to the wire.

The real test will come this week as the US will have to win three more games if they are to take home the gold medal. Canada ended up as the sixth seed and will go to the other side of the bracket.

Team USA will play the lowest seed coming out of Tuesdays games which will be either Switzerland or Belarus. Dirk Hoag has a good explanation of the bracket.

POTG Radio...

This week's show should be one of the best we have had. With no men's hockey tonight, this will be a good week to tune in.

This week we will have Steve Lapore of Puck the Media to discuss the a wide variety of topics including NBC's Olympic coverage and the media in general. If you aren't familiar with his site you should check it out. He is the only person on the internet that focuses exclusively on how the media treats hockey.

We will also have Josh Burnett and Joe Bechtel from the new hockey humor site, Intent to Blow. The site was started by our two guests along with Steve Stirling and has had great success. Humor is hard to do, but they do it well. Their stories are well written and many folks actually believe what they say.

I retweeted their story about Rick DePietro getting sued for his Hockey is for Everyone escapade and several folks bought the premise and were outraged.

We are looking forward to talking to all of our guests as it should be an interesting show. Please join us live at 7 p.m. Central or on podcast after the show.

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In Pred Nation...

Thanks to the Tennessean for a mention for POTG for additional Olympic coverage as well as pointing out a few other local blogs.

AJ has a great account of the Olympic viewing party at O'Charly's in Franklin last night. It sounds like a big time was had by all. See Puck City was also there and reflects on the evening. Next Sunday's gold medal party will be sponsored by Section 303 and be at Bleachers in Franklin.

Jim Diamond keeps up with the prospects in his weekly piece.

Hockey's Future shuffles the deck to come up with the new version of the Pred's top 20 prospects.

The Olympics will be over soon and thoughts return to the Preds. Paul McCann is putting together a road trip to St Louis for the game on Sunday March 21. Go to HockeyBuzz Radio's Facebook fan page or event page for details.

Mark has his weekly View at The View from 111.

From the Vanderbilt Athletic Department comes news that Commodore sports will now be on 97.1 exclusively starting next fall. Will this open the door for the Predators to not be bounced all over the dial? Forechecker has more on the story.

Rachel continues the Olympics Commercial Smackdown and hits on my favorite. I like it not so much for the visuals, but for the revival of Lou Reed's 1972 version of Perfect Day. I was a huge Lou Reed fan during that era and lost a considerable amount of hearing capability listening to the 1974 Rock n Roll Animal album (as in vinyl and 8 track) at full volume. There's been one a day since Friday so go here to see them all.

Admiral's Short Shifts has the story of the Ads 2-0 win over Houston on Friday. Highlights included a Mark Dekanich shutout and a Colin Wilson fight. The Ads beat Rockford yesterday 4-1 and Colin Wilson scored the fourth goal.

NHL All Access has a good piece on Marty Erat.

Rumors over the weekend have trade talks about Dan Hamhus on several fronts. The Ottawa Citizens has him on a list with several others that the Senators may be interested. James Murphy reports that Boston has an interest.

Olympic Notes...

From @kausatoday Young Josh Sacco who received 2 million hits on YouTube for his Herb Brooks impersonation performed for the U.S. hockey team dinner Saturday. Here is a note from the LA Times. Brandon Worley also comments.

In one of the stranger stories I have seen lately comes this one about Bobby Ryan living under an assumed name and on the run as a young hockey player. I had to do a double check to make sure it wasn't an Intent to Blow story. This is similar to the storyline in the movie Mickey.

Chris and Adrian have the guys from Kingscast as Episode 42 of Hockey Zen TV as part of their Fan Series. It does include a Preds mention. Stay tuned for a future episode involving a couple of Preds fans that you all know.

Matt Reitz has the final word on why NBC is wrong in not believing that Hockey is better than figure skating. He also has his weekly Hockey Fan in California post.

The player tracker (by team) at NHL All Access is a handy tool.

Jonas Hiller's blog at is interesting.

Chris Johnson talks about the NHL player's adjustment to International rules.

The importance of the larger crease in goalie excellence at the Olympics is explored at NHL Digest.

Steve Wilson of Blackstone Sports, inventor or the Flat Bottom V skate sharpening method has set up shop at the rink in Vancouver. He is Tweeting and blogging sporadically from the Olympics.

Around the NHL...

AHL Commissioner David Andrews was a guest on XM204's HTM and discussed Sunday's outdoor AHL game and other AHL news. The game was a huge success, drawing 21,000.

Flames Nation discusses discord in the Calgary dressing room.

This is for my wifey, the Kindle addict. They now have a Kindle app for the Blackberry.

The other day we discussed Please Rob Me. Now here is a post showing the dangers of Google Buzz. This makes it far more easier for a crook or con artist to commit robbery of your house.

From @belcourt: The Belcourt in 1963. Not only is the article interesting, the entire publication is a throwback to simpler times.

Finally, my friend Nick Giglia was concerned about my newbie mistakes on Foursquare and showed me the Please Rob Me site. Luckily, out here in the sticks, most of the criminals are transient crack heads that are too busy chasing their next rock to get on the internet. If a more sophisticated type reads this, be aware that we do have monitored alarms and don't mind shooting intruders. This is Tennessee and we do have a reputation to uphold.

More later...

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