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Game Six Looms as a Potential Elimination Game Tonight and Wednesday Wrap-Up

Today is one of mixed emotions for hockey fans. On one side of the coin, it is exciting that a new Stanley Cup Champion could be crowned with the traditional cup raise and "no words" type situations in just a matter of hours.

On the other hand, it would mean sadness in that there would be no more hockey for over three months until next year's pre-season kicks off.

A third scenario would be that Philadelphia beats Chicago tonight starting at 7:00 on NBC and that we would have a true winner take all game seven on Friday night.

After Monday's game where the Blackhawks had one of their better efforts on home ice, it will be interesting to see if the Flyers will match that effort tonight to extend the series.

Chris Pronger had one of his worst career playoff games, being on the ice for six of Chicago's seven goals. On top of that, he was shoved into the boards by Dustin Byfuglien on a hit that has been shown hundreds of times over the two off days.

My expectation is that Pronger and the Flyers will use Monday's poor performance as an inspiration and come back and play well tonight. After all they have been through this season, they will not roll over and give up the ghost on one poor effort.

A Flyer win would set up a Cup final game seven that hockey fans everywhere covet. It that happens, I have to believe that it could be a great game where either team could win on a fluke play or one team could want it more, and take it. In a series that has had more goals scored than any in 20 years, it would be a great game to see.

So for tonight, let's go Flyers. I want one more game on Friday.

Programming Note...

I appeared as co-host on Ryan Porth's RLD Radio on Tuesday along with Anthony Curatolo. It was an excellent show and well worth a listen.

Agent Jay Grossman, who represents several of the biggest free agents of the summer, including Ilya Kovalchuk and Anton Volchenkov was the first guest. Jay provided great insight into the role of an agent, how the KHL agent system works, and how he prepares his young clients for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft.

The second guest was Nick Bjugstad who was Mr Hockey for the state of Minnesota this past season as a high schooler. He is slated to attend the University of Minnesota in the fall. He is projected to be a mid first round pick and could possibly be available when the Preds make their first pick in the 18th slot.

The show wrapped up with a discussion of tonight's game and arguments for several folks in contention for the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Listen to internet radio with Ryan Porth on Blog Talk Radio

Coyotes Ice Edge - Glendale City Council Vote...

Before last night's city council meeting, Jerry Reinsdorf withdrew from process for the purchase of the Coyotes.

That left Ice Edge Holdings as the only viable entity left in the process. The City of Glendale approved the a Memorandum of Understanding giving them exclusive rights to negotiate the arena lease for 60 days.

It looks like that if Ice Edge really has the funding that they will need that they will own the team. If not, then next season would probably be the last one in Phoenix for the Yotes.

In Pred Nation....

Mark Willoughby writes that "Thank-You is Not Enough". A huge thank-you needs to go back to Mark for giving everyone the opportunity to prove that "hockey fans aren't like other fans". Mark also has some pictures from the event.

Bryan Mullen talked to David Poile about the Pred's free agents. He also posted a few leftovers yesterday at Inside Predators. The news is that nothing has really changed.

Dirk Hoag takes a look at ethics in sports blogging. It is an interesting piece that was spurred by last week's Blogs with Balls conference. Our friend, George @stackiii Scoville offers the idea of "verified" blogs in the comments section.

Paul McCann's Slap Shot Radio will have another great episode tonight before the game at 6:00 with Bill Clement, Jesse Rogers & Terry Crisp. Catch it on WNSR 560 AM. Paul also updates the Pred's free agent and draft situation at Hockey Buzz.

Jim Diamond has more movie casting with the Pred's defensemen.

The City of Hope Celebrity Softball Tournament was held at Greer Stadium on Monday night. J.P. Dumont and Wade Belak participated. The Sen's Mike Fisher was also there. Anyone wonder why?

Around the NHL...

The Blue Jackets officially named Scott Arniel as their new head coach.

Adrian Dater updates the Av's ownership and the decision to keep it all in the family. I love Adrian's discussion with Gary Bettman on the topic. It's worth a click.

Tapeleg comments on Pronger and Byfuglien. Good Stuff!

Steve Lapore takes a look at the New Jersey Devil's coaching situation.

As we get ready for game six tonight, Matt Reitz has 10 questions answered in game five.

Elliotte Friedman has another list of 30 thoughts. These are always interesting.

Michelle Kenneth has more on the pending Ilya Kovalchuck free agency.

The heat should be on based on this from @ViewFromMySeats: So in the last 24 months, the #TBL have landed the sniper everyone wanted (Stamkos), the d-man everyone wanted (Hedman) & now the GM & coach

A new hockey league? from @dchesnokov: A new European hockey league called 'Nordic Trophy' may be born with clubs from SWE, FIN, CZE, GER, AUT and SWI.

The Sabres have cut off negotiations with their top pick from last year, Zack Kassian, after his arrest last month at a Windsor bar.

It's good to see Sarah Connors take over as the head of "Something's Bruin". Sarah was an guest early on in the history of POTG Radio and we wish her well.

Intent to Blow has the news of the NHL Summer Classic that hopes to draw on the popularity of the Winter Classic. The Lightning and the Panthers will be this initial participants but it could be expanded to cool weather sites in thefuture. Also, Byfuglien gave up. Just call him Smith.

In a piece that is no joking matter, Richard Roeper bashes hockey asking if it is a "white thing"? I've never been to a game in Chicago, but the Predators attract a good mix of folks and prove that "Hockey is for Everyone."

Odds and Ends...

Congrats to J.R. Lind and #TeamBowTie for a great run on Jeopardy. Sorry it had to end.

The New York Times looks a how humans respond to the constant stimulus of information.

Here's a guide to BB Messenger. I don't use mine much but this explained a few things that I didn't know.

More Later...

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