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POTG Radio tonight with Russ Cohen and Weekend Round-Up

Tonight on POTG Radio we will take a look at this year's NHL Entry Draft that will begin a week from Friday on June 25 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

We will have author and prospects expert Russ Cohen of XM Radio and 100 Ranger Greats fame. Russ co-hosts the weekly Prospects show on XM 204 and knows more about the draft and each team's minor league stockpiles than anyone.

Russ also covers all sports at Sportsology. It's hard to believe that he has time to do all the things that he does. We will have open lines tonight if you have questions for Russ about the draft.

Be sure and join us live at the link below or on iTunes. The podcast version should be up shortly after the conclusion of the live show.

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Calder Cup...

Tonight's Calder Cup game six between the Texas Stars and the Hershey Bears could be the last pro hockey game of the season if the Bears can be the first team in the series to win on home ice.

Texas won the first two games in Hershey and then Hershey won the next three in Texas. Friday's game five was a 2-1 overtime thriller that gave the Bears a 3-2 series edge, and the chance to clinch tonight.

The game will be on NHL Network and will begin at 6:00 CDT.

In Pred Nation...

The Oilers Insider is reporting several possible trade rumors with the Preds. David Boclair adds more fuel to the fire at the City paper.

Ryan at the RLD gave the Preds a turn in his 30 in 30 team reports. He also asked Mark Willoughby and me five questions.

The 303:30 Entry Draft Edition is now up and is jam-packed with good stuff this is one you don't want to miss. Jeremy also had a post Section303 has a look at Pred prospects being invited to the World Juniors Development Camp.

Jim Diamond looks a a rule change in the NCAA that will make the aprint for the puck safer on icing calls and suggests the same for the NHL.

Josh at Preds101 is starting a new series for the summer where several folks get to name the odds.

Getting Pucks Deep has a nice feature on Dan Ellis that pulls information from a variety of sources.

Nick Howell guest blogs at Section 303 and presents 3 inches from greatness.

The Predators will host a draft party at the Franklin Embassy Suites on Friday, June 25.

Diane Scearce is a Preds fan who is also the Head of books over at the Examiner. Like everyone else, she is missing hockey and recommends five books for hockey fans for the offseason.

Around the NHL...

Matt Reitz starts his series of pre-award VFMS Awards in several categories that will be handed out in Las Vegas. He had an extra one for defensive defenseman that should be interesting. One winner will be announced each day this week starting today with the Norris Trophy. Matt also has his weekly draft round-up.

Ryan at the RLD takes a look at the hard cuts the Blackhawks will have to make to be under the cap by October. has a good piece on the Flyers post season wrap-up. They are more optimistic about returning the heart of their team than the Hawks.

Larry Brooks looks at the upcoming vote on the inflator clause at the NHLPA meetings that start on June 21 in Chicago.

Puck Daddy Has a good look at the top 10 things of this year's playoffs. He also has 10 things that sucked.

Dater puts a wrap on the season at Versus. He doesn't mention Nashville attendance.

It looks like the Star's new owners will be one of two Canadian businessmen.

Not everyone was a huge Rob Blake fan. Matt Reitz discusses twenty things that he will miss when Blake officially retires.

Ryan at the RLD looks at the top 5 playoff games and moments.

Here's an updated list of Stanley Cup droughts.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the Hawk's Stanley Cup Parade.

Time to focus on the draft. Here is NESN's latest mock draft.

When the Leafs name Dion Phaneuf their new captain this week, it will be a surprise to no one.

Lou Lamoriello chose a coach that fans will enjoy, Kevin Smith. Intent to Blow has the details.

Odds and Ends...

Dahlia Kurtz goes off on one of my least favorite people, Oprah. Oprah and Obama are two of the most full of crap people out there and our society is so dumbed down that people actually believe what they say.

The Conan O'Brien/Jack White show at Third Man Records last week continues to draw rave reviews. If you didn't make the show, it will soon be out on record.

Here is a great picture of Saturn's rings and three moons from the Cassini spacecraft.

Here is an extensive look at NASA's options in adding another Shuttle flight to the space station next June.

More Later...

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