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POTG Radio Tonight with Kevin Weekes and Weekend Wrap-Up

Tonight on POTG Radio we will have a very special show featuring goaltender Kevin Weeks of the NHL Network and Hockey Night In Canada. Michelle Kenneth will be a special guest host tonight since she knows Kevin from his days with the Devils.

Kevin has been the subject of discussion in Pred Nation as to whether he would be the man to back-up Pekka Rinne in the upcoming season. I have been a long time fan of his and always thought that he would be a great Predator sine he is the embodiment of the "Predator Way" of selfless team play.

Depending on what you read on the internet, Kevin is either retired or not. Tonight we will get an answer to the question and see if he would have interest in playing for the Preds or any of the other 29 teams in the NHL.

Please join us tonight as we have the rare opportunity to talk with someone who has so many ties to the hockey community as a player as well as a very popular member of the media.

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In Pred Nation...

Over the weekend David Shoalts added the Toronto-centric view to the good news that the Predators are close to rescuing "Boots" Del Biaggio's share of the team. Someone always feels the need to sully up any positive news for the Preds on the business side of things.

Jim Diamond has the story of Pred prospect Cameron Reid who had a roller coaster ride year last season but has now landed at St. Cloud State where he may become a teammate with Nick Oliver.

David Singleton has an excellent analysis of how the Predators have fared under the current CBA. It is a very thoughtful and informative piece that is a must read.

Mark at The View From 111 takes a look at the fear for the game of hockey of Donald Fehr. Mark also has a look at the Central Division GMs at Hockey Quarterly.

AJ ponders the potential return of Paul Kariya.

PredsBlog continues his look at Patric Hornqvist's 30 goals. He also has a Klein/Franson debate with himself over who is better.

Paul McCann has a weekend round-up with a variety of topics.

Forechecker had the buzz going over the weekend with a discussion of which star would you never want to see in a Predator's sweater.

Best comment of the signing of Jamie Lundmark on Friday came from @diamondhockey: Guess with Jessiman's injury the signing of Lundmark ensures Milwaukee will continue to have at least 1 failed NYR 1st round pick.

From @aaronadmirals: Admirals Center Ice: Mon 6pm on Guests: @BlakeGeoffrion, Ian Herbers, Adam Burish & more.

Around the NHL...

Today is the day when The Score will announce the ten Drafted 2 Finalists. We are heavily biased and cannot see any way that our friend Launy Schwartz of Hockey 54 does not make the finals and wins the whole thing. Launy and producer/camerawoman Dahlia have gotten a few more videos up in the last few days. Check them out.

Duncan Keith had the Stanley Cup over the weekend. Here's the lowdown.

After making considerable head way in the past years, US colleges may get smacked with new rules that would prevent schools from talking with players until after the 11th grade. This would be a major blow since they would be vying for players that enter the Canadian Junior programs long before that. Joe Yerdon has another look at the same topic at PHT.

Michelle Kenneth continues her series of folks to follow on Twitter with a group from the offices of the NHL.

Ryan at the RLD has several videos of Captain Serious taking the Cup home for the weekend. He also speculates on a few more players that may head to the KHL.

Hockey Wilderness defends the Wild's signing of Mikko Koivu. He makes good points but I still can't see Koivu being worth more than about $5 million a year. Matt Reitz also discusses the contract.

Brian Costello at The Hockey News looks at the goalie position from a fantasy standpoint.

Rumors are flying about the sale of the Dallas Stars.

Seventh Woman spends twenty minutes with Garth Snow and tells about it.

The NHL marketing hit of the week last week was the sweet deal the Islander's got with their cupcakes. The Daily Line even got in on the fun.

Finally, the guys over at Kingcast have a great docu-video of the first 15 days of waiting for Kovalchuk. It pretty well sums up the feeling of most fans I would think. Check it out.

Odds and Ends...

Here are a few Twitter etiquette tips of how to thank folks for re-Tweets.

Here is an interesting twist. Tweetreach can tell you how many folks your Tweets actually reach. My last 50 Tweets had exposure to over 28,000 people. That is hard to believe.

For fans of The Office who have heard the talk that season seven may be the end of Michael Scott, Holly Flax has agreed to come back for eight episodes. Will they ride off into the sunset at the end? Will that be the end of the show? Will they find another nut job to run the office?

More Later...

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