Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nashville Roller Girls Charge into National Championship Tournament

Note: Although we normally are hockey only, we have adopted the Nashville Roller Girls as our sister team, therefore bear with us as we cover their run to the Nationals.

The Nashville Roller Girls beat the Atlanta Dirty South 132-73 at the South Central Regional tournament at the Pershing Center in Lincoln, Nebraska to earn a trip to the National Championships in Chicago next month.

It was an incredible bout to watch on the internet. Atlanta was ranked second in the region and was never competitive against the fifth ranked Nashville All Stars.

Nashville jumped out to a quick 47-4 lead halfway thought the first half and led 62-38 at the half after Atlanta made a charge when Nashville had penalty trouble late in the half.

Nashville stretched the lead to 116-70 with nine minutes left as they played excellent defense at the end of the bout, choking back any chance for Atlanta to come back.

Ramb0 Samb0 and Maulin Monroe were the leading jammers. Nashville played a very smart match with plenty of discipline and excellent coaching.

Nashville advances the the WFTDA National Championships that will be held November 5-7 in Chicago. Only twelve teams from across the nation make it to the finals so this is a hugh accomplishment as Nashville charges in to the national scene.

For more information, visit the Nashville Roller Girls site or go to Derby News Network.

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Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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Leann Lewis said...

After three historical losses to Atlanta in years past, the Nashville Rollergirls (both Music City All Stars and Music City Brawl Stars) pulled out wins against the Dirty South Derby Girls at home in February. Nashville's loss of several veterans to relocation and injury this season as well as a poor showing against Providence in July had many believing Nashville would have no chance of making it into the top 3 in the South Central region and moving on to Championships. Yesterday's results just go to show that a few months of hard work, lots of dedication and heart can have amazing results. Many will be talking about the upset of Kansas City unseating Texas (the godmothers of modern roller derby) from their first place spot, but we in Nashville know what's what.

Thanks for keeping in touch Buddy!