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Predators Head to the Road after Tootoo Controversy and Friday Findings

First off, thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming for an old guy like me.

The Predators finally lost a game in regulation. For fans in attendance it was not a pleasant game to experience. A good Thursday night crowd of 15,506 was in attendance as well as writers from and ESPN as it was hailed as the "game of the week."

If you are a Blues fan, it probably lived up to its billing. Preds fans were disappointed as they had little to cheer about.

The most memorable thing from the game was the Jordin Tootoo hit on Carlo Colaiacovo in the third period. Colaiacovo has a history of concussions and folks around the league do not like Tootoo so it was the perfect setting for an overreaction by the officials on what was a garden variety hit by Tootoo standards.

In the postgame, Tootoo and Coach Barry Trotz plead innocence on any type of dirty hit, head shot, or anything on the nature that the stiff penalty was allegedly called for.

If you review the video, Tootoo clearly did not hit head to head and his skates did not leave the ice until the momentum of the hit lifted one skate, in spite of what the "homers" from St. Louis say in the video.

Anyway, the first loss is in the past and the Predators leave today for Detroit which is the first game of an extended, two week, five-game, road trip.

The Predators have played well on trips like this in the past and will have enough time between games to continue to work on the details of their game as well as spend time together and bond as a team.

Last night's game was one loss and no reason for anyone to throw on the panic switch.

Preds-Blues Round-Up

Here is our game story and video of Barry Trotz from last night.

Josh Cooper had his game story and and postgame ponderings. He also discusses the Jordon Tootoo hit and penalty.

Jim Diamond goes to the rule book to analyze Jordin Tootoo's penalty.

David Boclair has his story at The City Paper.

From the blog world reports come from Ryan Porth, Amanda DiPaolo, The View from 111, Chris Burton (with advances stats), Jeremy Gover, and Hockey Night in Nashville.

Dirk Hoag has the video of the Tootoo hit and a poll of whether he will receive supplemental discipline.

The other side of the story comes from St. Louis GameTime where they seem to be clear that Tootoo's charge was a head shot. They must not have see the same video that I did. The St Louis Post-Dispatch has a little less biased game story.

In Pred Nation...

Possible breaking news from Dirk Hoag this morning with a Swedish newspaper indicating that Linus Klasen may have been recalled by the Predators.

The Hockey Tonk Angels TweepUp has gone national with a listing at NHL TweetUp for the event scheduled at Bleachers on November 7 when the Preds play the Ducks on the road.

Adam Gretz has an excellent interview with Cody Franson at Fanhouse. He has great things to say about Nashville and the fans.

Last night's game was ESPN's Game of the Week. Scott Burnside was in town and filed this on the Predators' goaltenders.

More national coverage from John Manasso who sorts out the team effort by the Predators. have their weekly prospect update with a focus on the 2009 draft class.

Admiral's roundtable looks at what Steve Begin brings to the table for the Ads. The Ads have games tonight and Saturday in Abbottsford.

Forechecker beat us to the punch on the big Hunt Brothers Pizza announcement as a new vendor at the Bridgestone Arena. Jackson seemed to have no complaints with his slice last game.

Rachel at What the Puck found an odd video clip of Hannah Montana playing some type of hockey.

Around the NHL...

Michelle Kenneth is following the Devils on their west coast road trip and has the latest after the Sharks loss.

The Blackhawks lost the services of Marian Hossa in their game against the Kings on Wednesday. It is unclear how long he will be out due to the "upper body injury." Brian Campbell's appears ready to return soon.

From @ChrisBottaNHL: The Islanders have sent Nino Niederreiter to Portland (WHL). His Entry Level Contract still has three years on it. This was a clse call as Chris wasn't sure what they would do when we talked to him on RLD Radio on Tuesday.

Other junior player news of sorts from @TSNBobMcKenzie: No surprise here, ATL has told Burmistrov he isn't going back to Barrie of the OHL.

Chris Botta also his weekly column at Fanhouse and throws kudos to the Preds and Pekka Rinne. He also hiit on the "9 game clause" for junior players.

Ryan Porth looks at the surprising Montreal Canadians who are off to a much faster start than I expected.

The 2011 Winter Classic jersey for the Pittsburgh Penguins was released yesterday. Here are some pictures.

The Carolina Hurricanes finally made it to the home rink for a game on Wednesday and lst to the Capitals. This may be one of the longest roar trips ever to start a season with the trip to Russia, Europe and the Carolina State Fair keeping them away from home.

Congrats to our friends at Illegal Curve who will move their show to a new home on November 6 at Sports Radio 1290 in Winnipeg.

Lauren Belfoy debuts at The Fourth Period with a good post about types of hockey players.

Inside Hockey looks at coaching greatness and those who come and go.

Ryan Porth's favorite prospect has been traded. This from @MLalancette: Kirill Kabanov is traded to Lewiston, against four draft picks (one European). The Maineiacs are pleased with their new player.

Odds and Ends...

Here is a video from the South Central Regionals Derby to get you pumped for the Nationals next weekend in Chicago. The Nashville RollerGirls are the third seed from the region and are guaranteed to finish in top twelve.

I don't play Farmville bu I know folks that are obsessed with it. A Florida mother killed her baby because it was interrupting her play. I hope they have a good connection for her in the pokey because she will be there for a good long while.

It's hard to believe what's laying around under the ocean floor. A Florida salver found a gold statute worth $885,000.

I'm not sure what our puppy will play with now that they have done a way with the cardboard tube in toilet paper.

I think that the wax Taylor Swift looks better than the real thing.

More Later...

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