Monday, March 21, 2011

Catfish on the Ice Is Nothing New in Nashville

Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert raised the ire of several Predator fans today with a post indicating that throwing catfish on the ice was stupid and was something new. Here is a video from Saturday's game against Detroit which was actually a fake catfish, unlike the real one that found the ice before the opening puck drop.

Here's a catfish toss from last year's playoffs that actually shows the perpetrator.

Here's further proof going back to a Fox Sports Detroit pre-game feature from 4/18/08.

The whole throwing the catfish tradition appears to have started after the "Catfish out of Water" Art Contest that was held in Nashville in 2003 where artists painted big fiberglass catfish that were placed all around Nashville. Here are some pictures from the contest.

Here is a post that dates the beginning of the first catfish as being October 30, 2003. So that is fairly conclusive information that that flinging the fish on the ice is nothing new.

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Joe K. said...

No, it is a "Me Too" thing. Just like all of your cheers that are ripped from college teams.