Monday, March 7, 2011

Terry Crisp's Legacy Lives On and Monday Wrap-Up

I don't feel like more rehash on last night's game so I'm going to talk about something much more exciting that Pete Weber sent me yesterday.

Pete's broadcast partner Terry Crisp has been gone from Calgary for almost two decades, but he is still a rock star at the Saddledome. He was at the head coach of the Flames when the won the Stanley Cup in 1989 and has many friends and family still in the area.

Terry has three kids and five grand kids. They all now play hockey. Terry's grandson Kale Crisp is the latest hero in the family and was featured in stories in the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald yesterday.

Six year old Kale was born with cerebral palsy and is limited in what he can do physically. Three months ago he started playing sledge hockey and was so proud to call grandpa Terry and tell him that "all his grandchildren have scored a goal"

There are only four kids under 15 playing sledge hockey in Calgary. Those four joined up with others from Manitoba to field a team for the Westerns in Leduc recently where they took home the bronze medal.

Terry's daughter-in-law Trish is taking the lead in getting sledge hockey going in Calgary to open up opportunities for many more kids and juniors to be able to play hockey and hopes to be able to field a full team for the 2012 Western Canada Sledge Hockey Tournament that will be held at Canada Olympic Park.

Take a moment and read these two articles from the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald and then check out several videos of Kale and his teammates in action. Next time you see Terry around the rink, tell him congrats on Kale's accomplishments and give him a chance to be the proud grandparent that he is.

Preds-Flames Round-Up...

Here is our game story from last night.

Josh Cooper had his game story, notes column, and postgame ponderings.

From the blog world reports come from Amanda DiPaolo, Mark Willoughby, Dirk Hoag (with his advances stats), Predatorial, What the Puck, and Hockey Night in Nashville.

The winning view of the game comes from The Calgary Sun, The Calgary Herald, Matchsticks and Gasoline, FlamesNation, Battle of Alberta, and Hit the Post.

In Pred Nation...

Predatorial looks at a lack of respect for the Predators.

HNIC looks at the Predators' final 17 games.

Around the NHL...

Will today be the day that the City of Glendale sues the Goldwater Institute for screwing up the bond sale to finance the Coyote's sale? This will only lead to a counter-suit.

Ryan Callahan had four goals in route to a brutal 7-0 win for the Rangers over the Flyers in the NBC snoozer of the week.

Ryan Porth is on the road checking out a different barn this week but he is still Thinking Out Loud.

Dan Ellis has been such a force in Anaheim that the Ducks had to send Ray Emery back to Syracuse to get him some playing time.

Dale Tallon cleaned house in Florida at the trade deadline and put himself in position with draft picks and cap space to follow a similar model as he did in building the Chicago team that won the Stanley Cup.

Here's an odd twist. Craig Anderson may be the Avalanche's best shot at the number one draft pick this year.

Sports Illustrated has a gallery of goalie masks.

The Steve Moore trial is likely to be heard in 2012 and will not be pretty for the game of hockey.

Odds and Ends...

It's interesting that was boasting that a Busch Gardens theme park was coming to Spring Hill is now hammering the faux developer that made the announcement last week.

All the hype about Charlie Sheen on Twitter is not about him getting closer to his fans. It's about an ad agency wanting to make the big bucks off his Tweets. The New York Times also has an article about what a disaster this clown is.

TechCrunch moved their comments to Facebook and appears to have cut out a lot of the crap. That's not a bad idea. I wish newspapers would do that.

More Later...

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