Wednesday, May 11, 2011

David Poile and Barry Trotz Take Questions at the Predators' Year End Press Conference (Video and Key Points)

Predators GM David Poile and Head Coach Barry Trotz take questions from the media at the Predators year end press conference. Follow the jump for the video and a list of key points that were made.

Key Points...

Poile - how to look at the Lombardi situation - he's on the depth chart but no real sign of coming back.

Poile - agent and Preds want to wrap up Shea Weber by July 1. If Preds tender contract, he is a signed player.

Trotz - Several injuries will be revealed.

Poile - Budget for next year is ongoing conversation - will resign who they want to - goal is to win the Stanley Cup.

Trotz - J P Dumont is better suited for regular season instead of post season. Need to put him in a role where they can use his ability.

Poile - No financial relief if Lombardi does not return since concussion is pre-existing. No buy out.

Trotz - Kostitsyn made great strides. Needs to shoot more.

Trotz - Difficulty to win at home in the playoffs.

Trotz - About pieces to add in the off season. May have pieces in house that couldn't play. Maybe a top six forward.

Trotz - Does resilience attract more fans. Story about fans on the street in Vancouver not being able to hate the Predators.

Poile - Free Agency may not be very active but trade is possibility - not many high end free agents. Maybe a defenseman for a forward.

Trotz - Discussion on the number of minutes played by Weber and Suter.

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