Thursday, May 5, 2011

POTG Thursday News, Headlines, and Links

Tonight's match with the Canucks is definitely the biggest game of the year in Nashville. This is probably about the twelfth time that statement has been made in this forum but from here on out it will always apply. Tonight's game preview will be up within an hour.

Today we have news from the Predators and Canucks as well as the rest of the NHL. We also have links to yesterday's RLD Radio with Jim Hughson from the CBC who is describing the game to all of Canada. Follow the jump for all of today's headlines and links...

Programming Note...

Yesterday on RLD Hockey Radio we had Jim Hughson from the CBC on to discuss the Preds-Canucks series, hockey in Nashville, and several other topics. He was a great guest and it was an excellent show. Please got to the link to download or listen in the player below.

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In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper sees a defensive series getting more defensive and has today's notes column.

David Boclair had the early news that Steve Sullivan was out for tonight's game plus a bunch of other notes. He also discusses the Predators ability to rally during the post season.

The "gold out" that allegedly was the brainstorm of the injured Steve Sullivan was well received by fans and was the object of yesterday's Frozen Moment on I'm not sure why the yellow looked so orange on television. Here is a time lapse of the employees laying out all the gold.

You will need you Google Translate for this but it appears Modo is targeting Linus Klasen as an off-season acquisition. He is a great offensive talent that will do better overseas than in Nashville.

Section 303 has the video with Jeremy Gover, Paul McCann and others that aired on NHL Network talking about Nashville wining a Stanley Cup.

Dirk Hoag calls on the Predators to break up the Fisher-Hornqvist-Kostitsyn line.

Paul McCann (and I assume Denise) have a bunch of pictures from Tuesday night at Hockey Buzz.

The Predators game two ratings against Vancouver were not that good.

Julie Robenhymer is in town and looks at tonight's game.

The Predators have changed their procedure for $10 day of game tickets.

Patten Fuqua has We Are Nashville a year later.

Music City Mindset says the Predators Way has never been easy.

AJ has a perspective on Game Three at PMFF.

Our friend Ray Balz is looking for $$$ at the Beardathon.

Whale Tales...

Kurtenblog takes a look at three questionable calls in Game three.

THe Vancouver Sun has a great feature on Joel Ward and his off path to playoff hero.

Puck Daddy has the work of some creative Vancouver fans that went to great lengths to make a parody of a Carrie Underwood song. I guess I would be more impressed if I was familiar with the original.

The Toronto Sun looks at Little Boom Boom.

James Mirtle has the full quote that we heard on Tuesday after the game about Tim Peel "having a date" and being in a hurry. The consensus across the hockey world was that it a ticky-tack call and it should not have led to a game ending power play. I do admit that the better team won on Tuesday.

More on the subject from @jmanasso: @DarrenDreger says no fines for  #Preds and their comments about penalty call in OT that led to  #Canucks PPG.

Around the NHL...

The Tampa Bay Lightning did the unthinkable by sweeping the Washington Capitals with a 5-3 win last night. Boston is hoping for a sweep at home tomorrow after a 5-2 rout of Philadelphia on Wednesday. Finally, San Jose put the Wings on the brink with a 4-3 win in overtime.

Alice Cooper appeared on The Power Play with Scott Laughlin on Tuesday and discussed a wide variety of topics including still being in Nashville. Here is the audio.

Nick Cotsonika looks at Phoenix and Nashville as hockey markets.

Eric Duhatschek looks at just how important power plays are during the playoffs.

Adrian Dater has an Ode to Playoff Hockey.

The Preds have the number one unsung playoff hero.

The Canadian Conference Board has issues with a team in Quebec and Winnipeg.

Here is the second part of Anthony Perez's offseason preview for the Coyotes.

Odds and Ends...

Here is a video from ATT about the dangers of texting and driving that can make an impact on the viewer.

One of the most storied franchises in sports may not be able to meet payroll.

Gingerbread for the Droid X may be out soon.

This is as weird as it gets in Phoenix. Two women are brawling in a parking lot and the police show up and nail one of them.

More Later...

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