Friday, January 29, 2010

Sundance Film Festival (Nashville Style) and Friday Round-Up

Shari Springer Berman addresses the crowd

I know it's not hockey but we had the opportunity to attend the Sundance Film Festival (USA) at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville last night. It was a rare treat for the locals who could not travel to Park City, Utah where the festival his held annually.

This was the first time in Sundance history that the festival organizers took the best films, and their directors, from the festival to eight cities around the country. Nashville was fortunate to have a theater that specializes in independent films and was chosen to host one of the remote screenings.

The film chosen for Nashville was "The Extra Man" which is a comedy about some very quirky folks that live in New York City. Kevin Kline (not the Predator) is an eccentric older guy who escorts elderly rich women on dates around New York.

Paul Dano, who is best known for being the silent brother in "Little Miss Sunshine", is perfect opposite Kline as his sexually confused room mate.

Katie Holmes is an attractive co-worker of Dano's at an environmental activist's magazine. John C. Reilly is a strange character with a very high pitched voice who lives in the same building as Kline and Dano.

There are many other well casted characters in the film that came from the local film community in New York. I'm not sure that I knew that a "spankologist" was an occupation before last night.

On had for questions after the film was co-director Shari Springer Berman who shared her thoughts and insights with the audience after the movie was completed. It was interesting to be able to ask about how and why things were done immediately after screening the film.

At this point, the film has not been picked up by a major production house so it is unclear when it may be seen in theaters. More than likely, once it is distributed, it will make a return to the Belcourt since it was so well received by the crowd last night.

I'm sure the word of mouth buzz by those in attendance will make this a must see film of 2010 in Nashville for those who enjoy independent films. It was an excellent film that may not appeal to mainstream audiences but is for folks who would like slightly off-beat films like "Little Miss Sunshine." I would highly recommend it.

Back to hockey...

In Pred Nation...

Bryan Mullen has a story about the Wing's loss of intimidation, a notes column, and the game at a glance at the Tennessean.

John Glennon makes a note of the number of centers that the Preds have signed for 2010-11 already.

Jim Diamond has the story of Frankie Bouillon and his kids at the Examiner. Bouillon has good things to say about the local hockey program.

Chris Burton has the Game Day Preview at On The Forecheck.

David Boclair has an article about Steve Sullivan at The Nashville Scene. Sully talks about the return to normal after the two year roller-coaster that he was on. He also compares the Preds and Wings at the City Paper.

Short Shifts has the game story of the Ads 4-1 loss to Hamilton.

Mark has his Friday "My View" at the View from 111.

Some of the comments that I sent to the Columbus blog, The Dark Blue Jacket were published in today's edition. The Preds were riding high when I wrote that. It's some of the more positive stuff with my name on it here in the last few days.

For a look at the other side, The Detroit Free Press has complete Wing's coverage including news that Jason Williams should be back tonight.

Around the NHL...

This weekend is Hockey Across America Weekend. How will you celebrate? Jim Johansson of USA Hockey was on XM204 with Mike Ross taling about the weekend's meaning and other recent successes in US hockey.

Forechecker has news that the KHL All-Star game will be aired on ESPN360 on Saturday. Hard to believe that have interest in the KHL when they have little in the NHL.

Stay Classy has a look at the race for the Calder trophy with a snapshot of the top rookies so far this season.

Shawn Gates has some interesting hockey superstitions.

Chris Johnston has the story on the meager accommodations at the Olympic village that will await NHL superstars.

In Nashville, it is time to register for PodCampNashville2010 that will be held March 6 at the Cadalac Ranch.

@janeqpublic pointed us to this gem of a site called Awkward Family Photos. This gives People of Walmart a little competition for America at its best.

More Later...

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