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More on "Kevin Weekes for Back-Up" and Wednesday Wrap-Up

My idea to have the Predators sign Kevin Weekes as a back-up to Pekka Rinne appears to have taken on legs with a post from Jeremy Gover at Section 303 and a fine piece of artwork by Rachel Addison (to the left) promoting the idea.

Jeremy makes excellent points about Kevin's on ice potential in Nashville. In a comment I added the following that really adds to the pro-Weeks idea, "From a PR standpoint there is a huge additional benefit that was not stated. Much of the negative press out of Canada would be muted if the well respected Weekes came and put a face on the Nashville franchise that many in the Canadian press corps like to dismiss except for the occasional cheap shot or relocation story."

"With Dan Ellis gone, who would be better to do the update from the bench than a CBC/NHL Network insider. Beat reporters from the other 29 NHL cities would all be doing at least one story during the year on Kevin’s comeback and being the pro that he is would be the perfect ambassador for the Predators to the rest of the hockey world. So from a business/marketing point of view there would be benefits that would go beyond his play on the ice. So yes, I was serious."

I have always liked Kevin Weekes as a player but really acquired an additional admiration for him as a person after listening to an hour long discussion with him on XM's Hockey Confidential several years ago. After that interview I became a huge fan and have wanted him to join the Predators ever since.

After Saturday's visit to the Preds Development Camp, my biggest take-away was that we needed a back-up goalie for the coming season. I Tweeted that and suggested Weekes as the perfect solution.

He responded saying "@KevinWeekes: My ears are always open, LOL !!!" While there is an LOL involved, Weekes is a competitor and is the character type guy that the Preds have built their franchise with.

So while it may seem far-fetched, it's worth a phone call from David Poile to Kevin's agent to see how close to game shape he is in and if it is something that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Stranger things have happened over the years and this could be one of them.

In Pred Nation...

I was going to put together a post on Blake Geoffrion's visit to tonight's ESPY Awards in Los Angeles but Jim Diamond is a much better writer than me and has it all covered here. Blake was nominated for Male Athlete of the Year and can be seen on ESPN at 8 p.m. CDT tonight.

From @xmhomeice: Wednesday (today) on Hockey This Morning with Mike Ross and he will be talking to Predators GM David Poile. With the reruns in place, you will have three shots at hearing it throughout the morning (at least).

Jeremy stopped off the Weekes campaign trail long enough to select the All-Development Camp Team. Ben Ryan was really a standout on Sunday.

There doesn't appear to be an off-season for PredsBlog, the shiny new site in Predsville. Here he discusses the meaning behind Shea Weber being named captain. I like it.

Jim Diamond has a piece about defensive prospect Charles-Oliver Roussel and and odd link to Mike Dunham. His favorite player is Shea Weber and he enjoyed seeing him named as captain last Thursday.

Tom Calahan has a new piece at Preds Prowl that covers several topics.

Paul McCann wraps up the Development Camp with a few thoughts on some of the prospects.

@SLakePreds pointed out several videos of Pred's Free Agent signee Linus Klasen playing in the Swedish Elite League. The guy looks like a cross between Patric Hornqvist and Steve Sullivan.

Scott Cullen at TSN looks at how Matthew Lombardi will fit in the lineup with the Predators.

Aaron Sims looks at the rule that forbids Ryan Ellis a chance to play in the AHL in the coming season.

The Preds announced the Inner Circle for folks who want to sit in the first two rows at the Bridgestone and receive a bunch of extra amenities.

Milwaukee revealed the dynamics of their 2010-11 schedule and have a very odd balance in the teams that they play.

From Canada, comes a story from the BC Local News on Shea Weber and another one from Timmons on Steve Sullivan on the Charity Golf Tournament that bears his name. There is also a video interview of Sully talking about the event.

Around the NHL...

For today's Kovi update, we go to Michelle Kenneth who has broken her personal ban on writing about the situation.

Last night, Helene Elliott had the final wrap up of the Kovalchuk visit to Los Angeles. The status remains quo with neither side revealing much.

Charles Wang was sorely disappointed in the Town of Hempstead's revised plan for the Lighthouse Project. Chis Botta has Wang's response. For the full story on the latest developments Nick Giglia has everything at Let There Be Light(house).

I'm glad to see one of my favorite Flyers, Dan Carcillo, signed a new one-year deal.

I've taken a few shots lately from Blue Jackets fans for comments about how they have not improved. Matt Reitz takes a closer look at the BJs.

In Goal Magazine has an explanation on the new pad sizing rules for goalies.

Our friend Russ Cohen is featured in an interview at Whom You Know.

The Puck Report catches up with Patric Kane recently at the NHL Awards show.

Vintage Leaf Memories touches on voices of the past with a highlight being Paul Morris the "voice of the Leafs."

Ryan at the RLD has the NHL 11 producer video.

Ilya Kovalchuk is wondering why there is a "make decision" note written on his arm. Intent to Blow has the details.

Odds and Ends...

This post claims that the future of innovation will be led by "feeling" leaders more so than "thought" leaders. Sounds like style over substance is making more headway.

More oddness from MIT where the claim is made that men are better entrepreneurs because they are used to being rejected by females. I didn't realize all those heartbreaks were just a part of my training for life.

Things are not always as they appear. In Oregon, a minor traffic accident revealed a carload of Zombies.

For Blackberry Beta users, Blackberry Protect should appear in your queue.

More Later...

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