Saturday, November 6, 2010

POTG Reaches 1000 Posts - Thanks To Everyone For Your Support

From modest beginnings on September 23, 2008, has grown from a homeschool project to a credentialed Predator blog with 1000 postings.

Anyone that has ever blogged knows the passion, drive, and commitment that it takes to be consistent in regular postings over a long period of time. For those who have never tried it, the movie Julie and Julia does a pretty good job of capturing some of the emotional highs and lows experienced in a long term writing project.

This milestone would never have been reached were it not for the readership and support from all who have been a part of our growth and diversification over the last 25 1/2 months.

Much of our readership comes from our 1670 Twitter friends, the @Predfans ReTweetBot group, and friends on Facebook. We would like to thank each of you that lend support on the internet via RT's and comments, and in person at games and other functions.

We have a special thanks for Marion Wilhoite at the Daily Herald that offered us our first chance to be credentialed in January 2009 as we have continued to write for the Columbia paper.

Another special thanks to Kevin Wilson and the Predators who credentialed us for the 2009-2010 season as PredsOnTheGlass and expanded the program this season to include several others with the "Blogger's Row" initiative this season.

We would also like to thank our fellow bloggers and writers that have formed a really neat community of friends and media that lend support to us and each other and have grown the Predators blogging community to one of the best in the NHL.

Another shout out goes to the NHL media folks that have expanded their credentialed media to include folks like us and have allowed us to attend the last two NHL Awards Shows in Las Vegas and the Entry Draft in Los Angeles over the Summer.

In addition to the blog itself, we started POTG Radio in January 2009 and have almost 80 shows in the can. We would like to thank over 100 different guests that have appeared and shared their time and talents.

Finally, a special thanks to my wife Cathy who is tolerant of all the time on the computer and games on the television. Also thanks to Jackson, for being a partner in POTG and a loyal attendee of games for the last 13 years.

In summary, there is no money or glory from what we do so the appreciation that we get from our readers is what keeps us committed to "spreading the gospel of Predators hockey to the four corners of the hockey world."

Thanks to everyone for your readership and support.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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AJ in Nashville said...

Congratulations, Buddy! You deserve every accolade and then some! :)