Monday, October 3, 2011

POTG Monday Headlines, News and Links: Final Roster Today?

The Nashville Predators finished off one of the most successful training camps in franchise history. The team is blessed with assets and is primed for another run for a playoff slot in the Western Conference and what they hope will be a long run at the Stanley Cup.

Earlier today, we had a look at the final cuts coming down for the Preds where two or three of the young phenoms will start the season in Milwaukee. We will know the result later today.

Last season, in the process of making cuts, the Predators pulled off a major trade that brought Shane O'Brien and Dan Gendur to the team and relieved themselves of Ryan Parent and Jonas Andersson.

I would be somewhat surprised to see a repeat of that this season, but you never know what what piece of the puzzle that David Poile may find on another team's scrap heap. The man has been a genius at finding the right player at the right time.

Shane O'Brien was a key pick-up as was Mike Fisher later on in the season. The Preds may not have made the playoffs without the pair. This should be an interesting last four days of the preseason while we are waiting for the puck to drop on Friday in Columbus.

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In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper also looks at the cuts at hand today.

Jeremy Gover also has his roster projections.

Ryan Porth considers the confidence boost on the Predators power play.

David Boclair reports that the Preds hope that the preseason is a precursor to the regular season.

Robby Stanley makes his Western Conference predictions at Hockey Night in Nashville.

There was plenty of discussion on the theoretical return of Alexander Radulov to the Predators and whether he would have to pass through waivers. Dirk Hoag argued a point from the CBA but we were told specifically by David Poile that he could come straight to the Preds since he is a suspended player and still a part of the team.

Dirk Hoag has his preseason preview of Jack Hillen who appears to be a lock on the Preds third D-pairing. He also has a poll about who will lead the Preds in goals.

Predatorial has a new feature looking at the week ahead in Predland.

A new blog has appeared, "Pred, White and Blue" and that make a point that all the chants in the arena are some variation of the word "suck."

According to MLive, Josh Shalla announced his return to Saginaw over Twitter.

Stephanie Muraro has a weekend round-up from Milwaukee.

Ex-Pred Matthew Lombardi made his Toronto debut on Saturday night and appeared to pass his first game situation test.

Chicago beat the Milwaukee Admirals 2-1 on Saturday night on a Darren Haydar shot past Chet Pickard. Haydar may go down in history with every AHL record possible.

Shanny TV...

The latest episode from Shanny TV has Clark MacArthur getting the pine for two games for an illegal hit to Justin Abdelkader in Friday's Wings-Leads game.

Clarke MacArthur takes exception to his suspension and says the NHL will become a no hitting league. He does appear to have gotten Shanny's point in saying "You've really got to think when you're going to go finish your hit, you've really got to pay attention..."

Next up will probably be Ryan Malone for his head shot to Chris Campoli.

Here's another play that is not as clear as to what should be done when Eric Nystrom made contact with Taylor Fedun when they were racing for an icing call. This hit by Alex Edler on Taylor Hall is also a tough call.

You had to know that this was coming. is your information source for all of the rulings from Brendan Shanahan.

Alexander Monaghan feels that Shanahan is making a positive impact.

Around the NHL...

Sidney Crosby will officially miss the start of the season.

Larry Brooks makes some interesting points about the upcoming NHL-NHLPA labor negotiations.

RLD Hockey's Saturday face off asks the question "Will Boston Repeat?"

Mike Brehm looks at five teams with Stanley Cup droughts of at least 30 years.

It's kind of surprising that Ron Wilson would open himself up to the hoards of hockey fans in Toronto that want to put in their two cents but he is on Twitter at @coachrw63 per @JoshRimerHockey.

The Blues picked up where they left off last season with an injury to B.J Crombeen that will keep him sidelined for quite a while.

Adrian Dater ponders if the Avs will get what they pay for as the lowest paid team in the NHL.

Nucks Misconduct looks at four different re-alignment versions.

Caps Outsider looks into the theory that Alexander Semin "doesn't care."

Scotty Wazz wonders if the helmet numbers are a sign of the apocalypse.

Hockey's Future has their preview of Alabama Huntsville and the Atlantic Hockey Conference.

Odds and Ends...

This is a interesting view of Spring Hill, Tennessee from a New Jersey perspective.

Here is a British product with an odd name that doesn't sound very appealing. Here is another item with a name that wouldn't go over well in the states.

Toronto area dancers feel that the are being subjected to undue hassle when crossing the US-Canadian border.

More Later...

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