Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pens and Canucks favored by the bookmakers to meet in the Stanley Cup Finals

It is always interesting to take a look at what the bookies who never lose have to say about who they feel will be the winners and losers in the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Bear in mind, that the goal of the bookmakers is to set a number where there should be a near equal amount of betters on each side of the action so it's not so much an exact science as it is a projection of how to split the money of the masses on each side of the wager.

We went to Bodava.lv to see what the current odds were and found few surprises. The Pens and Canucks are favored to face off in the finals, with Pittsburgh having a slight edge.

Some of the individual first round series have some fairly large numbers with the Rangers and Bruins  being the most heavily favored.

Make the jump to see a list of current odds in major categories or go to Bodava.lv to see a much wider selection...

Odds to win the 2012 Stanley Cup 

Pittsburgh Penguins      4/1   
Vancouver Canucks     5/1   
New York Rangers      7/1   
St. Louis Blues             8/1   
Boston Bruins             17/2   
Detroit Red Wings      12/1   
Nashville Predators     12/1   
Philadelphia Flyers      14/1   
Chicago Blackhawks  18/1   
San Jose Sharks         20/1   
Los Angeles Kings      22/1   
New Jersey Devils      22/1   
Phoenix Coyotes        25/1   
Washington Capitals   25/1   
Florida Panthers         35/1    
Ottawa Senators        35/1  

Odds to win the 2012 NHL Western Conference 

Vancouver Canucks     2/1  
St. Louis Blues             3/1  
Detroit Red Wings       7/1  
Nashville Predators      7/1  
Chicago Blackhawks    8/1  
San Jose Sharks         10/1  
Los Angeles Kings      12/1  
Phoenix Coyotes         12/1  

Odds to win the 2012 NHL Eastern Conference 
Pittsburgh Penguins     21/10  
New York Rangers      9/4  
Boston Bruins              9/2  
Philadelphia Flyers       7/1  
New Jersey Devils      10/1  
Washington Capitals   14/1  
Ottawa Senators        16/1  
Florida Panthers         20/1


Philadelphia Flyers     +175   
Pittsburgh Penguins     -210  

Detroit Red Wings     -105  
Nashville Predators    -115  

Los Angeles Kings     +175
Vancouver Canucks   -210  

Ottawa Senators        +190  
New York Rangers     -230  

Washington Capitals  +190  
Boston Bruins            -230  

San Jose Sharks        +140  
St. Louis Blues          -160  

Chicago Blackhawks  -130  
Phoenix Coyotes        +110  

New Jersey Devils     -190  
Florida Panthers        +165  

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