Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Deep into the First Round

We are probably close to halfway through all the games that will eventually be played in the first round. I was unable to see much of the two early games due to PredsOnTheGlass Radio on Monday night, but the results were not surprising.

I really expected the Caps to do well, which they did, to bring the series back to one that looks like it will go six or seven games. Bangin Panger brings you the Sean Avery thugishness at the end of the contest. Chris at The Program questions if Bettman will step in and deal with Avery's "anger" issues.

I expected the Habs to show more life and actually win a game at home, but now they clearly are facing elimination to bring the 100th anniversary season to a close.

Calgary finally made Chicago come back to earth and gave an indication that this could go six or seven games. I still think the Hawks will advance but it won't be in five games. It was a rough and tumble contest of who could out hit who down to the final horn. This could end up being a classic 4-5 seed series that we would love to watch. There was enough bad blood in the last minute to carry through the rest of the series.

We would like to thank our guests from last nights podcast, Ryan from the Red Light District, Dirk Hoag, the Forechecker, from, and Eric Smith, Hockey Buzz's Columbus writer. Ryan and Dirk are well known in these parts but Eric's introduction to our area was a real treat for anyone wanting to know about the Blue Jackets, past, present and future. Thanks to all three for an excellent hour of hockey insight and conversation.

Speaking of Dirk, if you don't follow him on Twitter add him now as he is in the race to the first to 5000 out of all the writeres at SB Nation. He is currently fourth, and chasing the writer for the Wings. Go to @Forechecker to add him.

After a self imposed exile from hockey, Rachel from What the Puck is back and takes a look back at the season in Part 1 of many. Welcome back Rachel!

In spite of Codey heading south to see Dave Matthews Band, takes a look ahead to what might be in the near future. DMB on 420, what a combination.

Mirtle takes a look at the grim situation in Phoenix. After what the Preds went through two years ago, there's not a one of us who doesn't feel empathy for the fans of the Coyotes. He also looks at playoff under performers. Guess who is at the top of the list. It's a Predator. No to wear out James, but he also has a good commentary on this mornings hot topic - Montreal fans booing the US national anthem.

My favorite Tweeter @janeqpublic says I'm only going to Calgary with @newpowersoul if we can call it "Cal-Gary." And we will also have to talk smack about "Dee-Troy-It." (Tribute to Crispy) There nothing like a Nashville girl talking Canadian!

More as the day progresses.

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Jim Diamond does the lineage of how the Mike Dunham trade is still paying dividends.

The Milwaukee Admirals will try to sweep the Rockford Ice Dogs tonight. Here's a story on the future Preds getting valuable experience in the AHL playoffs.

Finalist for the NHL Awards will start being announced Wednesday. Sully is a shoe in to be a Masterton finalist while I put Pekka's chance at being a finalist for the Calder at 50-50.

Here's a question Jackson brought up last night on the show last night as to who's the early playoff MVP. I was a bit dumbfounded but Kukla's Puck Stops Here is adamant that it's Evegeni Malkin.

Sean Leahy discusses Ovie and Avery as pests over at Puck Daddy. At least Ovie has class when he agitates the opposition. Puck Daddy himself looks at the different ways suspensions are being handed out.

If your TweetDeck is running a little weird, consider that 2 Million new users signed up for Twitter over the weekend due to the Oprah effect.

Interesting translated interview of Semyeon Varlamov from the preseason from Chasta at Love The Game. Here's a more recent discussion from On Frozen Blog. This guy has been incredible in the last couple of games. Can he save the season for the Caps?

This afternoon John Glennon rehashes what David Poile discussed last week about Sully wanting to stay here but wants to establish his market value. Jackson has a story started on this but I don't think Sully will be back. In his situation, he has to make every penny he can in as long a guaranteed contract as he can get in order to protect his family and future financial security. Are the Predators going to pay the highest price? Not in a million years. There's always someone out there in the free agent market willing to pay more or give a year more guaranteed. If this isn't resolved long before July 1st Sully will be playing for a top contending team come October.

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