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PredsOnTheGlass Radio Cheat Sheet for Monday

We would like to invite everyone to this week's edition of PredsOnTheGlass Radio. Here are some of the topics we may touch on this week.

First off, we would like to thank last week's guests, Jeremy from Section and Jason Gregor from the Team radio in Edmonton.

This week we have Ryan (The Hockey God) from the Red Light District who will be with us for the whole show. Ryan will be able to tell the story of winning J P Dumont's shirt off his back on Saturday night as well as covering a broad range of hockey topics. He mentioned a special interest in Vancouver.

We will also have Sarah Connors from the Boston Herald who will discuss BU (where Pred prospect Colin Wilson is a Hobey Baker finalist), the Frozen Four, the Boston Bruins and the Eastern Conference, and other things that she has on her mind. We also expect a guest from Chicago to discuss Tuesday's match with the Hawks.

Looking back at the past week the Predators suffered road losses at Columbus 2-1, and Chicago (3-1) before coming home and having a big 5-4 shoot out win against Columbus on Saturday.

Coming up all we have left is a home game on Tuesday against Chicago and then road games at Detroit and Minnesota on Thursday and Friday. The race is so close we may have to wait for everyone else to finish on Sunday to know if we make the playoffs.

As always, we will start out with a look at the standings, the playoff race, and what the computer at SportClubStats has to say. Mirtle ranked the hottest teams of the last month. Also, if you haven't guessed the Central is the NHL's toughest division.

In and Out - as you would expect the Hockey News put the Blues in and us out - no respect from Canada, as usual. Our guest Ryan disagrees with the Red Light District Power Rankings.

Mike Santorelli's stay was brief and uneventful. Cal O'Reilly started hot and cooled over the weekend. It's good to see Jed Ortmeyer back (Hey to Dawn in Milwaukee who told us he was coming).

What about Arnott coming back in spite of his wife's concern? Barry Trotz continues to amaze with all the rabbits in his hat.

One of our topics with Sarah Connors will be Colin Wilson's final three ranking for the Hobey Baker award. A lot of folks seem to think BU team mate Matt Gilroy may be the winner.

Cody Franson and Drew MacIntyre made the 2nd team AHL All-Star team.

Steve Sullivan is my odds on favorite to win the Masterton Trophy. had another great podcast with Brandon Felder and Alan Portzline. This Saturday they will have the Forechecker Dirk Hoag and Rachel Raines from What The Puck. That will be a good one!

Sully was featured at

John Glennon reported we are in the clear on attendance for revenue sharing.

April Fools Day led Brandon Felder to write that Dan Ellis would skate out at forward. Dan was in on it and enjoyed the laugh.

And of course if it's Preds news, injuries have to be covered.

POTG Pages from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are also chocked full of potential topics Preds and otherwise.

Forechecker's Week in Review is much more concise than this one.

I hate three point games. THN did a story on Thursday saying that it's not a lot different in the standings (except we would clearly be in the top eight).

From the where are they now department - here is a fan video from the JUNO Cup game last week. Rob Higgins, fantasy guru and lead singer of Dearly Beloved, was a bit perturbed how aggressive former Pred Cliff Ronning was playing for the NHL Alumni against the Canadian Rockers. Higgy got the last laugh as he scored the game winning goal in a shoot-out.

I love waiting for Sean Avery to do something dumb. I knew he would be good for trouble before the season was out. I did an article on Avery a month ago that made it all the way to Fox Sports. It was positive but ended in "we will see" referring to if he was really reformed. I got so many nasty posts bashing me for the last line. I guess now we did see. This guy really hated me. I guess all press is good, right?

The Red Wings slogan for the playoffs is "Here we grow again!" as in playoff beards. I guess that beats "My Town" - no wonder we lost!

Two new baseball parks opened in New York and Russ Cohen didn't like the Mets new home and it caused me to reflect on how much I miss seeing the Braves at Fulton County Stadium.

Team USA names Pred villain Ron Wilson as coach.

Fast Company Mag list the NHL as one of the ten most inovative entities in sports.

Green or Chara for best defenseman. I bet Sarah can give us the Chara argument.

NBC released their playoff schedule. The finals can go as late as Tue June 14th.

As we noted earlier, our condolences go to Taylor Pyatt, who lost his girlfriend in a car accident. The Canucks have really had a tough year on the personal level.

The parody Brian Burke Twitter account that got Eklund all wound up, died last week. For a list of all of the Tweets go here.

Here's one for Jackson from Barry Melrose Rocks, an interview with his fave Carrie Milbank.

What about Textgate in Edmonton?

Women are headed for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Congrats to Paul and Christy Nicholson on the birth of Ian Patrick. Paul's tweeting has slowed, Imagine that!

Finally, for all our Twitter friends and listeners a must add is Pred's fan and Nashvillian Jane Q. Public. Any time you see her pop up on the Tweetdeck you are guaranteed to be entertained. She is very open with here life and witty in her expressions.

I'm worn out from skimming my Google Reader. This should be enough for ten shows. I 'm sure I'll add more on Monday so check back. As always if you have topics to discuss email me or send me a note on Twitter. Be there at 7:00 Monday night.

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

Monday Additions

David Boclair at The City Paper does a good job of pointing out Steve Sullivan's importance to this team.

Jonathan Blum was named the WHL Player of the Week.

The Predators Foundation is distributing $260,000. If I recall correctly, the big check that had at the game Sat was $500,000. Maybe someone can explain the difference to me.

New Power Rankings and projected standings from our guest Ryan at he Red Light District. Follow the link to see where he has the Preds, or listen tonight.

Jackson always likes the NHL Three Stars of the Week. Kovalev, Khabibulin, and Backes

Mirtle does a comparison of Mike Green's season with the great defensemen of the past.

Only three games tonight - we will keep you updated on the two in progress during the show.

The Pacific Dvision Masterton nominees - Lemieux ??? Parros??? Robidas??? Really!

Ron Wilson confirmed as Team USA coach. He was a guest on NHL live today. I guess we have no choice but to pull for him. Who would have thunk it?

Vote for Sully in Mirtle's Masterton poll.

Barry Trotz wants to redo the points system to reward teams that win in regulation.

Wow! a big discussion on the usefulness of the "Predator Dancers" on twitter this afternoon - Don't get me started!

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