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Monday Means POTG Radio Tonight at 7:00 Central

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Happy Monday to everyone! Tonight's PredsOnTheGlass Radio Show should be fun. This week's guests include the lady behind the NHL Tweetups known as @dani3boyz on Twitter and Washington Capital writer for Love The Game and Scarlet Blog, Chasta Piatakovas. Be sure and tune in at 8:00 Eastern/7:00 Central tonight.

I am really interested in speaking with Dani about how the Tweetups got going, hockey in general and her visit last week with Sarah Ferguson (picture here and on Facebook POTG page). Chasta has been our guest before and will be excited about the big game seven between the Caps and Rangers tomorrow night. She always has a keen insight into the Capitals and hockey in general.

Our multi-talented POTG guest Chasta has a special Birthday wish for Varalomov written in the native tongue.

I'm a little late on yesterday's wrap-ups but I ran out of gas too early last night.

The Rangers-Capital series has really turned into one for the ages. There is more public bad blood between these two teams than you've seen in all the other first round series put together. You have competition on the Ranger side between Sean Avery and John Tortorella to see who can "out anger" the other one (Avery has one less suspension-so far). On the Washington side you've got an alleged lack of security, Donald Brashear out head-hunting, and allegations of biting. I feel sure game seven will bring even more. Puck Daddy has a good article about this circus.

Donald Brashear has a hearing today at 1:00 EDT over his hit (cheap shot) on Blair Betts and pregame exchange with Colton Orr. I'm sure he will get at least a game for the Betts hit but considering Orr's past, I can't imagine there will be anything separate from that. Later word say's Green also has a hearing. (Retracted by ESPN here) What about the alleged biting incident where Shaone Morrisonn allegedly bit Brandon Dubinsky?

As far as the hockey action is concerned on the ice, Washington was far better prepared for Sunday's game as they went up 5-1 before they let down during the third period and allowed a couple of goals that Vararmov could have had. Will that be the first sign of a crack in his armor? The Rangers (insert one of many theories or reasons here) seemed to be without life at times which is hard to believe in a home elimination game.

In the evening game, the Devils basically wasted a trip to Carolina as they did absolutely nothing while losing 4-0. This sets up another game seven on Tuesday night. Ward is 2-0 and Brodeur is 5-2 in game sevens in their career.

There was an interesting discussion on The Program last night with guest Shawn Lavigne about how this series has gotten the least amount of attention of all the first round series. This was actually the first one in the series that I had seen more than a few minutes of, primarily because I have had more interest in other games on at the same time.

As a side note, all need to check out the podcast of The Program with a full two hours of XM204 Hockey This Morning's Shawn Lavigne. Without Scotty to shut him down he had a lot to say. It was as enjoyable two hours fo radio as I've ever heard.

Tonight's games feature two game six elimination games. The Ducks playing at home in the late game have the best shot at end the series in six unless the Sharks can play a full 60 minute game that they are capable of doing if they return to their mid-season form. In the other game, Calgary is playing at home and will need every ounce of effort that the fans have to offer to help them stave off elimination by the Hawks who clearly outplayed them in game five in Chicago.

It's going to be hard to watch all the games the next two nights as the NHL has "Screwed the Pooch" in scheduling per Puck the Media.

Ryan at RedLightDistict has great playoff coverage.

On the Predators front...

Several Preds have had big games at the World Championships. Here's a link to the Predators page with updated stats on Preds and prospects. So far, Shea Weber, Pekka Rinne and Alexander Radulov have really stood out. I find it amazing that KHL player Robert Esche is the best goalie that Team USA can come up with.

USA has already beaten Austria 6-1 this AM. Colin Wilson had a PP assist. Pekka's Finland team plays later today. Kevin Allen at USA Today has a great article on Ryan Suter.

Pete Weber has a playoff update on the Preds site.

The Milwaukee coaching staff gets new contracts.

Interesting demographic information on Pred fans as pointed out by Paul Nicholson. Forechecker gives the details of two new Pred websites.

Paul McCann has some Monday musings.

In other news...

Is Pierre McGuire being considered for the Wild job or is this a figment of his imagination? He is the only one I've heard mention it. I had not heard rumor until Pierre himself was talking about what an honor it was to be considered and how much interest he had on XM 204 this AM. He added the disclaimer that he had not been contacted by the Wild which made it seem like more bravado than fact. Fellow HockeyPrimeTime reporter Blake Benzel advises me that he is on a "short list" but Leipold hasn't contacted too many people yet.

Interesting show on Big Haired Hockey Podcast with Dave Hanson. I enjoy Ailyn's interviews.

Vezina finalists Top three Backstrom, Mason (Steve) and Thomas. My bet on the win is on Thomas.

Way off Subject... @TonyHawk's "Twitter Treasure Hunt."

Another off subject... My son Fisher (the other son) is in a Zombie movie. Newspaper coverage here. Here's a video montage that includes a belly dancer zombie.

More later as the day progresses...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Mirtle looks at the steep drop in newspaper circulation in the US.

Donald Brashear got a six game suspension for his actions in Sunday's game. One game was for the pre-game activity and five was for the hit on Blair Betts that broke a face bone and probably ended his season. That is a lot more than the 1-2 games that I expected. Phil Esposito on XM204 danced around this one saying it was bad that he did it but accomplished getting the best penalty killer and face off man out of game seven. Nothing like an old time hockey perspective.

Glen Sather's letter to Gary Bettman about Tort's suspension is here. Pure gamesmanship!

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