Tuesday, May 17, 2011

POTG Tuesday Headlines, News and Morning Links

Today we have plenty of news on the potential Atlanta to Winnipeg move with thoughts from numerous quarters, It appears that is will happen and probably sooner than later. There has been little resistance from the local fans compared to Phoenix and Nashville in the past few years. It is a real shame for those fans in Atlanta to become the first US city to lose a team to Canada twice.

We have plenty of Predator news including one of the best interviews ever with Pekka Rinne as well as news from around the NHL. Pete Weber guests on RLD Radio today too. After a dark night on Monday, Tampa will try to take a commanding 2-0 lead against Boston tonight on Versus (7 p.m. CDT) while the Bruins will be fighting for their lives to not head to Tampa down 2-0..

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Programming Note...

Today's RLD Hockey Radio, produced by Ryan Porth will feature Nashville Predators' broadcaster Pete Weber discussing the past season and what to expect from the Predators over the summer. Section 303's Jeremy Gover will also join us for what should be a good show. It all begins at noon CDT so join us here to listen live of later on the podcast version.

In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper has the latest from David Poile on coaches, surgeries, and re-alignment.

Ryan Porth's Fourth Period piece about the Preds offseason is now up.

Jeremy at Section 303 has the Mike Fisher exit interview.

Also at Section 303, Jeremy and Patten Fuqua have different plans for the pending realignment.

Dirk Hoag starts his countdown of top ten Predator moments with a win at San Jose. He also has his morning notes with the confirmed news that Linus Klasen is headed back to Europe. He was never a good fit with the Predators.

David Boclair point to the fact that a former Pred will hoist the Cup.

Dmitry Chesnokov spoke with Pekka Rinne about his playoff run.

Kevin Allen has four points about the Predators. All are valid.

Hockey's future looks at the Predators prospects at the CHL level and really hammers the prospect status of Nick Oliver.

Admirals Roundtable gives a thank you to it's readers for all the support during their first year.

Admirals.com chronicles the success of this year's team.

Our prayers go out to Robby at HNIC who is having medical issues.

Atlanta - Winnipeg Situation...

Chris Viviamore of the AJC looks at an option for Atlanta similar to the one the NHL is doing for Phoenix. later in the day on Monday, he provided the most concrete evidence yet that a move is imminent.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that the NHL is developing duel schedules for either an Atlanta and Winnipeg team. 

There is a Save the Thrashers campaign started but the team my be out of town before they can have a rally.

Aaron Portzline makes the case for Columbus to move to the East if Atlanta heads west.

Michael Langlois looks at contraction instead of relocation for Atlanta and how much fun a dispersal draft would be.

Elliotte Freedman has a good assessment of the situation.

Mark Bradley has a good piece from the Atlanta perspective of who failed who in the Thrashers' mess.

Bruce Arthur throws in his two cents on the Atlanta to Winnipeg move.

Damian Cox throws a little more gas on the fire to end Monday.

Around the NHL...

Ryan Porth says Steve Yzerman's moves are paying off with playoff success.

Kurtenblog asks if this Don Cherry stuff was real or a dream.

Here's some inside information from Jon Jordan on the Bolts-Bruins series.

NHL Home Ice has interviews with Boston's Dave Goucher and Tampa's Dave Mishkin yesterday with interesting perspectives on the series.

The Calgary Flames re-signed Curtis Glencross. The also announced that Jay Feaster will be the permanent General Manager.

Justin Bourne explains why goals get scored in bunches.

There's nothing like falling out of an airplane and into the World Championship Trophy like Pasi Nurminen did on Monday. My question was, why was it on the ground to begin with?

Fighting is coming under increased scrutiny after the death of Derek Boogaard.

Kukla's Corner has a look at this years Hockey Hall of Fame eligible class. This is the weakest group in the last few years.

Bryan Reynolds at Hockey Wilderness has a nice piece thanking all the wonderful folks who mourned the death of Derek Boogaard.

On the other hand, Georges Laraque leveled some heavy accusations against the Rangers for the way they handled Boogaard after giving him a big contract.

The NHL is cracking down on a Montreal restaurant for displaying a likeness of a Habs sweater on a poster and the slogan "Go Habs Go."

Here are the complete ratings for the Conference Semi-finals from Steve Lapore.

As much as the Green Men are ridiculed by some, they are still newsworthy enough for The Hockey News.

Finally the top ten hockey player pick-up lines from someone who should know.

Odds and Ends...

This TwitVid and Twitpic of yesterday's shuttle launch from an airplane is fairly amazing.

Here is a preview for this weeks season finale of The Office where they interview for new bosses.

I've never heard of "planking" but allegedly it led to an Australian man's death.

This study claims kids that work in high school are less likely to finish college. My take is that other factors are involved.

It is now looking like May 26 is the date when Verizon users will get the chance to upgrade their Anderoid phone to Gingerbread.

More Later...

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