Wednesday, August 10, 2011

POTG Wednesday Headlines, News and Links

I have to admit that I am so desperate for real hockey that I have been sucked in by this week's replay of the Preds-Ducks series. I have avoided looking at the final results prior to watching and let my "old-timers" kick in so that each game seems somewhat fresh and fun to watch.

The empty netter in game two when the Preds were down 4-3 in the closing moments was a killer in last night's replay. Check in tonight for Game 3 action with a more friendly result.

Back to reality (and the present), make the jump for today's news and links...

In Pred Nation...

Francis Bouillon was honored for his work in his hometown with an arena named after him. He was the 2011 nominee for the Masterton Trophy, primarily due to work with underprivileged kids where he grew up.

The Junior Team USA roster was cut to 29 for the remainder of the week and Austin Watson made the cut while Chase Balisy did not.

J.R. Lind has the ticket update on the Predators and Titans. The Preds appear to be approaching record levels for season tickets while the Titan's are having trouble selling their individual game tickets.

Ryan Porth takes a look at where Jack Hillen fits into the Predators blue line picture.

Josh Cooper has a few comments from around the league on the Preds' signing of Jack Hillen. He also has news of a healthy Marty Erat and Pete Weber calling Sounds baseball for the rest of the season.

Robby Stanley has five questions (and answers) for the Predators heading into the season.

The Predatorial takes a look at the Predators-Blackhawks upcoming season series.

David Singleton has some final thoughts on the Preds' "big three."

E.J. Hradek's mailbag touches on the Wings ability to make a run at Shea Weber next season.

Dirk Hoag has a link to fellow SB Nation blog from Motown not wanting the Wings to overpay to get Shea Weber.

Paul McCann has word that the Predators are getting behind a local sled hockey team.

The Predators are also sponsoring the second annual "Smashville Dodgeball Challenge" to benefit the Boy Scouts in Middle Tennessee.

A special one day presale is underway today in Milwaukee for their opening night on Friday October14.

Around the NHL...

Justin Bourne has the unfiltered truth about hockey players at Puck Daddy.

Until I see someone with a big pile of cash in front of them, I'm not believing any more of these unnamed buyer stories out of Phoenix.

The Globe and Mail has the complete list of NHL preseason games not in home arenas. The Preds in Baltimore are first on the list.

Kurtenblog keeps the summer lively with talks of contraction after a discussion of stealing Shea Weber.

You can "Like" the new RLD Hockey Facebook page here.

Brian Reynolds writes that the trade of James Sheppard to San Jose cleared out one of the Wild fan's favorite scapegoats.

Patrick Hoffman looks at the Coyotes' questionable goaltending and the outlook for the coming season.

Alexander Sulzer is living in Nashville for the offseason and is headed to Vancouver to try to crack the Canucks lineup. has seven players that don't want to be "one hit wonders."

The discussion about Alex Kovalev's comments about his stint in Ottawa doesn't seem to be slowing down. That's August for you.

Houses of the Hockey has a Peter Forsberg sighting. It never ends!

Odds and Ends...

I was unaware that wasps and Tarantulas were long time opponents. Here is what happens when they square off. One time when we were camping a Tarantula ran across my son's foot and totally freaked him out.

The lone dam on the Harpeth River in Franklin, Tennessee will be removed to restore the river to a free flowing state for the first time in 48 years.

More Later...

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