Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sidney Crosby Speaks at The NHL Awards Show and Thursday Updates

Today, we have a video from where Sidney Crosby spoke with the press after being awarded the Mark Messier Leadership Award and Sharing the Rocket Richard Trophy with Steve Stamkos.

The most interesting thing in the video is while Sidney is being announced, our own Pete Weber asks him "So how important is Frank Buonomo in your life?" Sidney grins like a possum and responds, "Really important!"

Buonomo is the Senior Director of Operations for the Penguins who used to be with the Predators public relations and team services department. At the Awards, he was leading Crosby through the maze backstage at The Palms.

It's always interesting to see players get a question that they don't expect, especially when it comes from a jovial Pete Weber.

In Pred Nation...

Puck Daddy reviews The Hockey News picks for non-playoff teams and takes exception with the Preds being left out of the top eight but adds, "Look, there's no shame in leaving the Predators out of the playoff mix. It's as much rite of autumn as pumpkin picking and the Detroit Lions at the bottom of their division."

Jim Diamond discusses the G.O.A.L. Program. He also directed us to an interview with Francis Bouillon on my favorite summertime hockey station, the Team 990 in Montreal.

Paul McCann has a few thoughts and notes including a discussion of the great things that the Predators Foundation does.

Icethetics is as confused as anyone about the alleged "new" Preds jerseys for the coming season.

Rachel at What The Puck discusses Dan Ellis's Tweets from Tuesday that seemed to have a lot of folks in an uproar.

The Blue Jackets picked up ex-Pred Ben Guite. From @TReedDispatch: Guite said he signed with #CBJ in part because there's no established 4th-line center and there's a new coaching staff.

For what it's worth, Bleacher Report has a Preds preview. Joe Yerdon had interesting commentary about the value of Bleacher Report yesterday on Twitter saying "Bleacher Report is what gives any blog a bad name because you can point to 1000 different things on there written recklessly" and much more.

Very slow news day when you look at a video of Gnash's summer job.

Kovi's Korner...

Today marks Day 50 in the Kovalchuk watch. What are you doing to celebrate (or ignore).

Bill Daly broke his silence on Wednesday to confirm that several contracts are still under investigation.

Around the NHL...

Chris Johnson from the Canadian Press has the best look at what was accomplished on Day 1of the NHL Research and Development Camp. It appears that the hybrid icing rule was the most well received demonstration.

Here are the latest details of the NHL Network's coverage of the R and D Camp. Last night's show was interesting but by the fourth time it ran, back to back, the wife was getting a bit edgy.

Our friend, Launy "The" Schwartz has a huge article about him at CJN. We can't wait to get bootlegged copies of Drafted 2 from The Score to see him in action starting next month.

Tapeleg is alive and well and has a new post at Jerseys and Hockey Love. I'm looking for part 2 of Episode 64 of The Rink Podcast today.

Joe Yerdon questions if the Spokane Chiefs have gone too far with the fifth outdoor game of the year now being scheduled. For some reasone, I don't think of Spokane when I think of outdoor hockey.

Michelle Kenneth writes about Kevin Weekes chance encounter with Justin B**ber at the airport and the effect on Kevin's Twitter account. I agree with her argument about the NHL reaching a different audience through pop culture icons, but not B**ber. He is the epitome of everything evil about marketing to pre-teen girls.

Eric Duhatschek has a look ahead to Monday's start of the 2010 World Hockey Summitt. With news being slow right now, this is a good thing to do to bring hockey to the forefront in the dog days of summer.

Ryan speculates on the top five destinations for Kevin Bieksa and admits that it's a slow news day to be discussing the topic.

Forbes is reporting the Star's sale may be close with a huge $275 million price which includes half of the arena.

Several players in the sports world speculate on what additional entity could develop their own cable network.

Odds and Ends...

Zagat is losing credibility with me as they put Five Guy's Burger ahead of In-N-Out Burger in the Best Burger Category of a recent survey. In-N-Out did win the Best Food Among Large Chains distinction.

Kids entering college this fall (including my son Fisher) see the world differently according to this annual Beloit College report.

More Later...

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