Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally Friday Update

Coming off a long weekend, this week has lasted an eternity. It hasn't helped that there has been on ice action at the Development camp and I've been sitting in the office. Tomorrow, I'll get to make up for lost time and actually get to attend.

In Predator Nation...

John Glennon has his initial impressions of the second day of on ice workouts at Inside Predators. This morning he has a story on Colin Wilson as well as a notes piece that covers several prospects futures.

Forechecker gives his impressions of Thursday's workout session and the potential that the Preds will have a very young 5-6-7 group on the defensive side when camp breaks. Dirk also has his daily roundup here.

Brandon Felder has a great bunch of quotes from the kids that he interviewed at camp for Hockey Buzz.

The City Paper has a piece about Zach Budish and how he is different from the other prospects at the camp.

Paul McCann posted his pictures from camp at HockeyBuzzRadio.

The Preds announced a "Skate of the Union" Night on Thursday July 23, that will inculde Sully with his Masterton Trophy, and address by David Poile, and a used equipment sale. I am assuming that if anyone just happened to want to buy tickets that they would be able to do so .

The video from Day 3 has a focus on the four goalies in camp with comments from Goalie Coach Mitch Korn.

Around the NHL...

E J Hradek covers several topics including the fact that the NHL schedule will most likely be revealed next Wednesday. A press conference at Fenway to announce the Winter Classic between the Bruins and Flyers on New Year's Day is also likely.

Pierre LeBrun waxes poetic about Joe Sakic after his retirement on Thursday. I am a little surprised that they are doing the jersey retirement on opening night. It would have been better marketing to do it stand alone on a low selling game early in the season.

Save the Coyotes has an interview with Don Maloney about the Coyotes on the ice activities. Off the Ice, the NHL is accusing Jerry Moyes of interfering in the proposed sale of the team. There is also more information on the Canadian group putting together a second bid.

Storming the Crease has a good interview with Shawn Lavigne of XM HomeIce's Hockey This Morning.

The Puck Report has a few interesting scheduling suggestions including opening night being a Stanley Cup rematch in a stand alone game.

More later...

Buddy Oakes fro PredsOnTheGlass


Probably not an issue we will face anytime soon, but the Islanders have a capacity issue at their rookie camp and are issuing wristbands, first come, first served to folks who want to watch.

Jay McKee signed with Pittsburgh for less than $1 million for the season. I'm sure he wanted to be a part of a team with another potential cup run, but he would have been a great addition at the right price for the Preds.

More issues between the KHL and NHL over the Jiri Hudler signing. In the long run the KHL is cutting off their nose to spite their face by not getting with the NHL on a transfer agreement.

Mirtle goes into more detail on the Hudler contract here.

From @MichelleKenneth: Could this be the official Winter Classic announcement?

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