Monday, July 27, 2009

New Week, New POTG Plus Updates

After another too short weekend, Monday rolls around again with another POTG Radio show tonight. We will have Codey Holland from Section and co-host of the 303:30 podcast.

Tonight's show will be wide open since it's in the middle of the dog days of hockey. Codey, Jackson and I will discuss the Predator's "Skate of the Union" event that was held Thursday night. It was probably the best wrap up of exactly where things stand at this point and what to expect in camp in September.

Beyond that, we will have open phones for the whole hour and would love to hear what is on your mind. Feel free to call in at (646) 716-4523 between 7:00 and 8:00 Central.

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In Predator land...

At Section303, Codey's partner, Jeremy takes on the rumor that Eklund want let die a natural death. For weeks we have heard that the Preds were in the running for free agent Alex Tanguay. It ain't gonna happen folks. I promise you.

More tweets from Sully over the weekend about Jed Ortmeyer's wedding in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm pretty sure Dany Heatley didn't show at this wedding either after stiffing his buddy Jason Spezza. However, Sully gives the news that a couple of other Preds attended saying @Sully26: Enjoying the Mr & Mrs Jed Ortmeyer wedding with teammates Ellie and deVo. This morning Sully is @Sully26: In Toronto trying to get my passport renewed. Hope I don't miss my 330pm flight to Timmins. This is like a Twitter version of Where's Waldo.

We pointed out the Pred's potential design of a third jersey on Saturday and Forechecker set up a poll to see how it fared with the fans. Go here for the results. He also has his Monday Breakfast Links here.

Paul McCann has a few comments about the bids for the Coyotes.

Admirals Short Shifts checks in of the SOTU with shout outs to POTG and Forechecker. I've been in touch with Eric Kent and we hope to have him and Ryan Miller on POTG radio in the next few weeks. With the "Road to Nashville going through Milwaukee" we need to stay in touch with them on a regular basis.

Mark Dekanich, who is expected to compete for the Milwaukee Admirals starting position, has a new mask that was designed by the famous designer Dave Gunnarsson. Go here and see what Mark had last season - Dexter da Goalie. There's forty new ones in all so check them out.

Jim Diamond writes about the Under 18 version of Team USA, led by ex-Pred, Bob Bougner which will play in the Ivan Hlinka tournament in a couple of weeks in Slovakia.

John Glennon has more leftovers from the Skate of the Union.

Here's a real oddity, a blog about the Preds in Spanish. After you run it through Google Translate, this is what you get.

Around the NHL...

A must listen to version of Chris Wassel's the Program aired last night. It was their one year anniversary edition and covered a lot of highlights and guest from the past. Go to the podcast and listen while you are at work today. You won't be disappointed. Chris also thanked all those associated with the podcast in a nice post here.

Ryan at the RedLightDistrict finishes off his off season grading series with the West division.
Prior grades by division included the Northwest, the Northeast, the Central, the Atlantic, and the Southeast.

Down Goes Brown has one of the funniest things to come out of the hockey blogging world in a long time with an article about the Jason Spezza wedding and how to deal with an assortment of guests and situations that may come up.

Dee Karl looks at "Ricki-gate" on the island where the Islanders have three starting goalies. It looks like Rick DiPietro may not see much action this season. She has another post about the Governor of NY coming to Long Island to support the Lighthouse Project today at 11:00 EDT. With all the jobs being created, I can't believe Obama isn't involved.

In a series of tweets from Phoenix channel 12 news man Brahm Resnic the following information was revealed from his reading of the Ice Edge Bid : @brahmresnik: Ice Edge bid: Very edgy -- want to give Gretzky LT coaching contract w/"lucrative" playoff incentives. Make him major shareholder/ambassador. Team would play "limited number of home games in chosen CANADIAN SISTER CITY." Winterpeg? Saskatoon? Ham'ton? "Offer" is $150M, probably because it's $2M more than JR bid. $10M cash (which they apparently don't have) and debt.

Here's more in a story format from the Globe and Mail. Saskatoon and Halifax are the target cities for 1o games and possibly playoff games. Mirtle has an even better analysis here. Finally, here is another take from the CBC.

Chasta at Love the Game has an interview with @thehockeyidealist Adam Sherlip AKA The Hockey Volunteer who is set to be on POTG Radio on next week's show. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him live.

This is a weird story from TSN. Four pro sports leagues and the NCAA (not considered pro, since the players aren't payed "over the table") have sued the State of Delaware over their plan to implement sports betting. Incredibly the story includes this passage,
"Delaware's sports betting plan "would irreparably harm professional and amateur sports by fostering suspicion and skepticism that individual plays and final scores of games may have been influenced by factors other than honest athletic competition." This makes no sense as sports betting is available other places already. Will betting in Delaware raise more "suspicion and skepticism" than any other place where it is legal?

Cool Off Topic Stuff...

Off topic story of the day comes from an internet friend, Christina Solstad. She has an update on the efforts to stop the paving of the road to Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico. If you have ever been to Chaco, you know what a special place it is and why it should not become the "Disneyland" of Indian ruins like Mesa Verde and so many other ruin sites have become. The fact that the road is a difficult passage is part of the experience of visiting Chaco that should not change. For more information on the road, go to Chaco Alliance. For more about Chaco check out the Park Service web site.
Jackson, Buddy and Fisher in May 2006 over Pueblo Bonito

Chaco is an incredible place that I would recommend that anyone with a heart sense of adventure to go and spend a few days. Camping is the best way to experience Chaco. One of the primary things to learn from your visit is how the Chacoans used the sun, moon and stars to guide them in their daily lives.

Chaco is currently one of the darkest place in the US. They have astronomy programs at night with telescopes set up and seasonal astronomers that stay there to teach you about what you are seeing. A highlight is seeing the Milky Way open up the sky so vivid that it looks like a glowing cloud. In the Summer on a clear night, you can see the spiral of the Andromeda Galaxy with the naked eye. It's worth a trip if you are ever in the neighborhood.

Since we are talking astronomy, here is the flip side. Follow this link to see some incredible pictures from the ISS.

From the Tennessean comes a picture series of when Jimmy Hoffa stood trial in Nashville in 1962. That is an odd piece of Nashville history.

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Journal has an incredible in depth story of Boots DelBiaggio's rise and fall as an NHL owner.


Amber said...

I discovered POTG about 3 weeks ago in an attempt to find SOMEONE out there that loved talking about the Preds as much as I do. These "dog days" are absolute torture, and honestly, I don't know how I would get through it without you guys at POTG and other faithful Pred bloggers. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the effort you put in to making sure we have the latest news about our team and the NHL in general. I took the time to comment however, in regards to your most recent blog talk radio show with Launey Schwartz. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every second of that show and was thrilled to get an outside opinion on the Preds organization. "The Schwartz" was very entertaining, and I will definitely be checking out his website. Anyway, keep up the AWESOME work, and I will be looking forward to next week's show. Thanks again!

PredsOnTheGlass said...

Amber, thanks for your kind words and for reading and listening.