Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello Monday! POTG Radio Tonight

Another Monday, another edition of PredsOnTheGlass Radio is on tap for tonight. We will have Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck who just released his NHL super schedule that is a complete spreadsheet that can be crunched in numerous ways to evaluate travel, back to back games, and other stuff.

Dirk has a massive boost in his analytics at his site and has had great response and accolades from hockey writers across North America. This is something that he does annually and folks are laying wait for the analysis when the NHL schedule is released.

Dirk is fresh off a recent appearance on the 303:30 so we will discuss a wide range of topics and try not to duplicate what's already been discussed. We will have open lines so if you have a question for Dirk, this will be your chance to ask.

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British Open ...

On Sunday, for the first time since the Stanley Cup Finals, game 7, I watched a compelling sporting event on TV and was really pulling for Tom Watson to win the British Open. In one of the biggest come aparts in recent sports history after missing a putt to cinch the win at 18, Watson fell apart during the four hole playoff.

Watson remained a hero to golf fans everywhere, even in the loss by the class he showed on the course and after it was over. The first question in the presser was not the best and opened the door for a terse response but Watson was cool as a cucumber. He was asked something like "did he run out of gas due to his age?" Watson bit his tongue and said "It certainly looked like it."

Stewart Cink AKA @stewartcink was a very deserving winner, playing to be in a position to tie when Watson missed and then perfectly in the four hole playoff. Congrats to him and his family on the big win. It was great that his wife led him to his faith and that he gave God the glory for the win.

From @stewartcink: Not sure what to say yet but this picture should do the trick...


Final reminder that today is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. If you aren't following the activity on the web site We Chose the Moon you are missing a piece of history worth checking out.

In Pred Nation...

Dirk, our guest tonight, has his Monday breakfast links at OnTheForecheck. He asks what free agent will the Preds pursue? My answer would be none anywhere close to the top 100.

Mark at The View from 111 gives his analysis of the potential Citi bankruptcy and the fallout that it would have in the NHL with specific examples. Mark always does a great job of making difficult financial matters understandable.

Ryan at the RedLightDistrict has been on vacation and returns with a segmented look at the Predators schedule. Something about the schedule that I've just notice in the last few days that I don't like is teams playing out of conference games going down the stretch. Why in the world would we play Florida at the end of March? Detroit also plays Philadelphia in the last week.

Paul McCann takes a look at the NBC/Versus TV contract situation and has some good things to say about Versus over ESPN.

Tweet from @cellblock303 on Friday: "Pred UFA Radek Bonk in talks with KHL team Lokomotiv ....hmmm"

Around the NHL...

In a departure from the heated KHL/NHL feud, KHL President Medvedev says that he will let the NHL Arbitration process in the Jiri Hudler case play out before enforcing Hudler's KHL contract. I doubt peace is really breaking out on a permanent basis.

Mirtle takes a look at what's left of his top 100 UFAs. I would say several will be headed to Europe of the KHL in order to draw a paycheck this season. He also posts the schedule for Arbitration hearings that begin today. It appears very little excitment will be generated from the decisions coming from this list.

Jim Diamond takes a look at the future of NHL player participation at the Olympics in part one of a story at the Examiner. The NHLPA issued a suggestion on pre-Olympic camp participation because of injury potential but Jim discusses other angles as well.

So for the answer as to why there is so little hockey news here in the dog days of hockey, we turn to @Sean_Leahy Every hockey reporter in business is sitting by a lake somewhere about now...

More later...

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