Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits and More

POTG Radio will live on for another week into the summer. On Monday night's show we loosely called it a season ending wrap-up show but we didn't get too far on the wrapping up so we will indeed be back next week, same time, same url.

I really don't think I have it in me to pull the plug for a week or two as considered so we may not take a break at all. Monday's podcast is available here.

Our friend Jeremy Gover from Section303.com had a free evening on Monday and came on for the whole show. We had a good discussion about the recently completed Predators development camp and other random things that come up during the off season. Thanks to Jeremy for a fun show.

We also played a couple of clips from earlier this year including a condensed version of @dani3boyz first visit to POTG which was even better the second time around. Even on tape Dani is the Queen of Tweetups and a Rock-Star in the social media realm.

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In Pred Nation...

Not only was Jeremy on POTG Radio on Monday, he also fired off a rebuttal to Adam Portzline's article that was mentioned here yesterday that placed the Preds in the Central Division basement in the coming season. Jeremy definitely had a double dose of Wheaties on Monday.

Happy Birthday wishes to Brandon Felder today. Tweet him at @brandon_felder and wish him a good one.

Brandon has the best wrap up of anyone from the development camp with a look at what the organization wants out of the camp and a one-liner about almost every player that was there. As always, he's got a boat load of last day quotes.

Also from @brandon_felder: @PredFans According to capgeek.com the Preds have signed Ben Guite and Ryan Maki to 1 year, 2-way deals. Hat tip to worstfaceoffmanever. Guite is the kind of player that could come in and fit well with the Preds on the fourth line and help fill out the roster at $550,000 a year. Probably not a back pickup by David Poile. I'm not sure why it is a secret that Brandon had to dig for.

Paul McCann also has his wrap up out with the news of an added bonus of a Hockey Buzz Radio podcast in the making that should be out soon. He also has a Tuesday update.

Dirk the Forechecker has his Tuesday round-up including news about a second outdoor game in Montreal and all the links to the Dale Tallon firing.

Mark at The View from 111 gives his take on Gary Bettman's $7 million a year salary that was revealed on Monday by SBD. As always, Mark has an even-handed thoughtful analysis. I bet if you were looking for investment advice, Mark would be a good person to talk to.

John Glennon quiets some of the Alex Tanguay to the Predators rumors that a certain blogger has discussed. IMHO there is no way that the Preds would open up the wallet to draw Tanguay in unless he was willing to work for peanuts.

One of the more unusual things to come out of the development camp is shown in the following clip from preds.com where Olympian Scott Hamilton was brought in to talk to the guys about how to be a pro. I knew Scott attended games but didn't realize that he was a STH.

The Predators announced that they are donating $120,000 to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. The Pred's work in the community often gets overlooked but they do many great things through the Predator's Foundation.

Around the NHL...

Big news on Monday was the return of Jacques Lemaire to coach the Devils, once again. Michelle Kenneth had the best article on his return at Inside Hockey.

In some of the weirder doings in the desert, at the hearing on Monday, Gary Bettman and Bill Daly agreed to be deposed by the attornies for Jerry Moyes on July 22-23. Moyes' attorneys were rebuffed in getting the deposition of Jerry Reinsdorf before his bid is submitted on July 24. Nothing like a little legal action to keep hockey on the front paged during the off season.

Brian Costello at THN has a post about unemployed goalies and the fact that few openings remain. It is surprising that this situation exists. It's probably the key reason that the Preds have not made a move to lessen their cap situation my moving Dan Ellis to another team.

More on Goalies with a look at this year's draft class from Alan Bass at Inside Hockey.

HockeyLeaks has a list of top Hockey Twitter follows and @brandon_felder made the cut on a very short list. So that's four mentions for Brandon so I guess that makes it BF day at POTG for his birthday.

Way off topic... The jury selection for the murder trial for Marcia Trimble is underway. When I was 19 years old, this was the biggest story of the year and it took weeks to find the body. People are comparing the murder to that of Steve McNair, but I can personally assure you that the Trimble case was much bigger at the time. It really changed the way Nashville looked at itself. The town lost it's innocence that spring. Now 34 years later they finally have enough evidence to go to trial. Unbelievable!

Finally from @toolboa: "What did Jesus say to the teamsters? Don't do anything til I get back"...wow, just wow. #LateLateShowwithCraigFerguson

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


This is an interesting situation where an Indian tribe is wanting to build a casino near the Jobbing.com arena where the Coyotes play. The City of Glendale appears to oppose the addition because it will strain city services. I'm not a gambler but it does seem that another draw like a casino would make the west side more of a destination and attract other business to the sports/entertainment district.

Here is a press release from Front Office Sports Enterprise about their new Fan Huddle venture that is coming in early September. We have been keeping an eye on this project and several friends are already involved.

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