Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Festivus and Daily Roundup for Wednesday

Happy Festivus to all. For the uninitiated, Festivus is a secular holiday created by writer Dan O'Keefe in 1966. An episode of Seinfield from December 18, 1997 brought it to the forefront in popular culture. Go here for a video sample.

For this year's celebration, tune in to Chris Wassel's The Program on BTR tonight where Fetivus will be celebrated.

Here's more on the Green Men who may have been celebrating Festivus a night early.

Preds-Canucks Round-Up...

For Predator fans, last night's loss seemed like a nightmare but it really needs to be kept in proper perspective. The streak may have ended but the sky did not fall and the sun did come up this morning.

Even the best teams in hockey have bad nights and fail to keep up with the opponent who may be really "on" on a night when your team is flat. Remember back to last February when the Preds blew out Detroit 8-0. Those same Red Wings made it to the Stanley Cup final in spite of an off night.

The Preds will be back on Saturday to play the Hawks and hopefully will be better prepared to play after a few days off. Also, here's hoping that Jerred Smithson's injury is not as bad as it would seem to be.

Last night's low-lights from

Here is our wrap-up and story lines from last night with the Shea Weber fight video and the swarming green people..

The Tennessean had the AP story this morning and John Glennon added his postgame thoughts including a few Barry Trotz quotes from Ed Wiles of The Province.

From the Pred's blogs come Forechecker, Paul McCann, See Puck City, Point2Point, and What the Puck.

The other side of the story comes from The Province, The Vancouver Sun, and Nucks Misconduct.

In Pred Nation...

Updated attendance figures from Inside Predators look grim. The Preds need to average about 15,000 paid the rest of the season to get to a 14k average. has another article on the Preds, this one about how they sneak up on everyone. Did you know that he Preds had scored in 14 straight periods before last night's game? That's the longest streak in the league this year.

Forechecker compares all the power ranking for the week and where the Preds land in each. He also has this morning's roundup posted.

Mark at The View From 111 has the Story of Santa and the Preds.

Ed Wiles at the Province has a nice Preds story from Canada.

Around the NHL...

The highlight of every holiday season is Rick Jeanneret's Twelve Days of Christmas. This year The Paperboy and Big Country changed it up a bit. Here is the 2009 version with a few new calls. Enjoy!

There will be wall to wall coverage of the Winter Classic on the NHL Network. An item not to miss is the movie "Pond Hockey" that will be on Wed. 12/30 at 5:30 p.m. Central. I bought a copy a year ago and loved it. Here was my review.

Ryan Kennedy gives you a top ten players to watch at the World Juniors.

Mark your calendars for Hockey Weekend in America January 20-31. The Preds host Atlanta on January 30 as part of the festivities.

More Later....

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