Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hump Day Highlights in the Hockey World

The last thing Pred fans wanted to see in last nights Chicago-Columbus match was an overtime three point game but the eleven round shootout was a thrill to watch. Brent Seabrook finally got one in to give Chicago the extra point. Check it out if you missed it.

We will be back later today with our preview of tonight's Predators at Minnesota game. Here is today's round-up to keep you up to date in the mean time.

In Pred Nation...

Bryan Mullen has an article about the compressed schedule that has given the players few days off. The Tennessean also has a game at a glance for tonight's game with Minnesota. Here are Tuesday's notes from practice that includes Trotz saying no player moves a few hours before sending Sulzer to Milwaukee.

Dirk started his November report card with the Goalies. Much improved over October, but still room for improvement. He also has an article on attendance that is a key component of revenue sharing that the Preds desperately need.

Paul McCann takes the Globe and Mail to task for their slanted article on the Freeman email.

Mark at the View from 111 adds more perspective to the Flames debacle on Monday as does See Puck City.

David Boclair talks about the trials of Alexander Sulzer who may have to go to the Olympics to get more playing time. has updated pictures of all the Preds with their mustaches they they are growing for Prostate cancer awareness. This is a rough looking group of guys. You can also make a donation at the site. also has the weekly Milwaukee Admiral update.

Kelly returns with an update at Confessions of a Predators Fanatic.

Here's a random interview by Lake 94.5 FM with Pred prospect Ryan Maki.

Around the NHL...

After tremendous outcry from fans to do away with the "double standard" that has appeared to be afforded to the top players, Alexander Ovechkin was suspended for two games. for his knee on knee hit on Tim Gleason in the Caps game with Carolina on Monday. With the injury that he suffered himself it is questionable if he would play anyway. After a variety of alleged "dirty hits" over the last few years that have never received any supplemental discipline this will finally place him in the "repeat offender" category.

Gary Bettman uses the "E word" (expansion) for the first time and confirms that all thirty teams will saty put.

Here is the latest edition of Inside Hockey TV with our friend Associate Editor Tim Rosenthal as well as columnist Christopher Conroy and host McKenzie Lavoie.

It's time for the NHL Saturday picks one again. Go here to play.

Anyone who saw the game on Monday would not argue with Jerome Iginla as the NHL first star of the month for November.

Two months have passed since Charles Wang's deadline and the election is finally resolved. Nick at LTBLH has the latest on the Lighthouse Project.

Adrian Dater has a new post at No Holding Back that probably won't offend anyone (I'm disappointed). It is about hockey movies. One movie that many hockey fans have not seen is the The Rocket which is about Maurice Richard. As an American, I had no appreciation for the discrimination issues that existed during Richard's era and this movie really brought it to light.

More Later...

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