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Trotz: Let Players Police Themselves and More

Nashville Predator Coach Barry Trotz appeared on the Team 1260 with Jason Gregor from Edmonton late yesterday it and was interesting to hear the wide-ranging interview with fellow Canadians. The complete 20 minute interview can be found here at the start of hour three.

The only thing that I had not heard before was a comment about the instigator penalty and cleaning up some of the illegal hits in the NHL, "Some guys will hit you in the back and there's not as much respect for that hit as there was 15-20 years ago. Brian Burke may have something, that is take out the instigator penalty. Let the guys police themselves a little. That might help."

Here are a few more quotes extracted from the conversation.

Big reason for the Pred's turn around. "We figured out how we needed to play instead of how we wanted to play. Once we had the buy in there, everything started falling into place."

How the Preds have to play, "We have to play with a lot of intensity. We're a team that doesn't have a number of high end offensive players but we have some pretty good scorers. We have to play with a certain amount of risk and a certain amount of responsibility. If we have that balance then we are fine but if it gets out of balance, we are not as good as you think."

On bad games, "When we don't play well, we are going to get blown out. That's just the way we are. When we play well we will win that 3-2 game."

Did Trotz have a conversation with Marty Erat to get him going recently? " I think we'll keep that between me and Marty. It is a process like with Dustin Penner. When you first sign a big contract they want to play bigger than they need to and then they sort of figure it out."

On the Predators way, "If we are going to get it done, we have to do it as a group. We know that he strength of each of us is the strength of all of us. We have to rely on a team game and an all out effort by everybody every night."

Trotz also referenced the Predators 2006-07 season which was the team's best start to a season. In that year, the Preds got to 43 points in game 31 on December 14, 2006 with a 6-0 blowout of Ottawa.

In summary, Barry Trotz represented Nashville and their fans well to the Edmonton area audience.

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon has an article about the Predators increase in goal production pointing out thathe Preds have scored at least four goals in 10 of their last 16 game. He also has a game at a glance tfor tonight's game at Edmonton.

David Boclair has an article about scoring also and discusses going to the net.

We reported yesterday that prospects Ryan Ellis and Gabriel Bourque would play for team Canada in the World Junior Tournament starting next week. Jim Diamond has more details at the Examiner.

Forechecker has questions about how Wade Belak has been used this season. I agree and left the following comment, "I am becoming less enamored with fighting lately. I love seeing a good fight more than most but I really don’t like seeing Weber and Klein fighting when they are vital to the team’s success. I am amazed that Smithson didn’t get hurt beating the other guy’s fist with his face. Belak, as he has been used this year, is completely ineffective. Trotz said that the Bolts were picking on the defense last night so he should have run Belak out to deal with it. If he breaks his hand we can always call up Triston Grant to play 5:00 a game. If Weber gets hurt we are in big trouble."

Colin Wilson get's called out at Hockey's Future for not meeting expectations as does Pred prospect Nick Oliver. Ouch!

For something a little different here is a European look at the Preds win over Tampa Bay along with the translation. "Trimester" is an odd way to look at a period.

Daniel Sallows at Bleacher report has a top ten list of players not playing in the NHL. I have to disagree with number one, Alexander Radulov.

From yesterday the road continues down hill for the Lightning. @erlendssontrib: Hedman has left the ice here at Joe Louis, didnt see exactly what happened, but he couldnt put weight on left leg. Also, no Steve Downie for practice after hit hit head on ice during fight last night; he said after game he was fine, we'll see. #TBLightning all-time record at Joe Louis is 1-11-1; only win came Jan. 1994; tie came in Cup year 03-04

Around the NHL...

B D Galloff asks Charles Wang to be honest with the Lighthouse supporters and come clean on what the current status really is.

Here's the latest from Rob Higgins and his HFI index for fantasy advice.

From @walsha: At BOG meeting, Bettman predicts flat revenue this year and the Upper Limit to remain at $56.7M plus/minus $1M. Only variable on NHL revenues appears to be value of Canadian dollar, currently at 95 cents. That is the first time I have seen any mention of a cap that does not involve a reduction of at least a couple of million.

More from the BOG @reporterchris: Gary Bettman says the league would like to get next year's schedule out before the draft. Usually comes out in July.

More Twitter news @Aportzline: #CBJ to open 2010-11 #NHL season in Sweden. Other teams mentioned on XM 204 as possibilities for a European vacation to start the season include San Jose, Minnesota, Boston, and Carolina. As many as six teams may go in 2010.

Our friend Matt at View From My Seats has a great post on annoying fans to sit near and also has Episode 2 of their podcast.

Who plays in goal for Russia at the Olympics. Ryan at the RLD takes a look.

Another day, another review for Colin Campbell. Here David Koci gets called for boarding Washington's Mike Green.

Here is a video of a referee saving a players life by immediately administering CPR when the player went into cardiac arrest. Luckily the player survived thanks to the officials actions.

Finally, it is starting to look like a rink at Fenway Park. Take a look at the 15 minuted delayed Live Cam (that would not really be live would it?).

More Later...

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