Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day/ Free Agent Frenzy Day

Since everyone gets to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, I'm taking the stance today that I get to be Canadian for a day on Canada Day so I can celebrate the heritage along with all my Canadian friends. I don't think anyone will be giving me the day off so I'll have to wait until Friday for that.

As we approach the Noon Eastern Free Agent Frenzy deadline, we have already seen frenetic activity yesterday leading up to the deadline including Gomez to Montreal for Chris Higgins, Jay Bouwmeester signing with Phoenix, and a total meltdown in attempts to trade Dany Heatley to Edmonton.

The NHL Network will provide special coverage today starting with NHL Live from 11:00-1:00 Central and then four hours of TSN's Free Agent Frenzy special from 1:00 to 5:00 Central.

PredsOnTheGlass will provide updates in a separate post via a Twitter feed with ongoing updates. I originally decided to do this via an RSS feed but a suggestion by Jared OzVath (@osman51) who has the Smilin' Like a Butcher's Dog site to use a Flash feed seems like a better idea. Check out ongoing updates today here.

In Predator Nation...

It appears negotiations will all Predator Free agents have failed, most notably the well documented non-resigning of Steve Sullivan including my eulogy yesterday which pointed to a Puck Daddy story about Dirk Hoag's article at OnThe Forecheck, who had the original story.

John Glennon reports that the Preds will lose all their free agents and clarifies the Poile/Sully Twitter contoversy. It was not the years but the $$$. Best wishes to Sully with his new team.

Forechecker has a couple of stories today on what has transpired so far in the NHL and with the Preds.

Paul McCann has an update on the FA situation as it stands this morning. The season's last HockeyBuzzRadio with co-host Brandon Felder is tonight at 6:00 on WNSR.

Mark at TheViewFrom111 has a breakdown of who the fans are that points out that NHL fans are the coolest going (but we knew that, Right?)

Here's a video from The Hockey News on Ryan Ellis.

Greg DeVris makes Craig Custance's Top 5 Value Free Agents.

Around the NHL...

One of the best resources today to follow the frenzy will be at the RedLightDistrict with updates all day long.

Chris Wassel at The Program also has a big day planned including the The Program BTR Show tonight at 6:00 Central.

Puck Daddy finishes off their top 10 list with the wingers and links to the other positions too.

In the midst of the Free Agent the NHL's Bill Daly visited Phoenix last night for a little Rah,Rah! to rally the locals.

In the midst of the Free Agent Tuesday pre-frenzy, XM204's Hockey This Morning crew had the big payoff of the Stanley Cup Finals bet. Shawn Laveigne had to pay off the bet by eating six Cinnebons which have 730 calories each as documented here. Here is acomplete documentary of the on air payoff.

More Later...

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