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Tuesday Takes and More

Thanks to Mark Willoughby of The View from 111 for being our guest on PredsOnTheGlass radio on Monday night. Mark is a compelling guest that is as fluent in the financial world as he is at the rink. He makes the money side of the game come to life and explains the financial turmoil that the NHL is facing in a way that all can relate to.

It was a real treat to hear the verbal explanation of Mark's Sunday story about the CIT situation and how it has and will affect pro sports franchises. Mark really deserves a lot larger Twitter following too. Follow him at @TheViewfrom111.

Mark was a last minute substitution for the Forechecker, Dirk Hoag, who was unable to come on the show. We will have Dirk on soon. Thanks to Mark for jumping in on short notice and doing a great job. He is always ready to talk hockey.

All that and more is available on this week's POTG podcast here. It's a great listen during the dog days of hockey.

In Predator Nation...

The highlight of Monday's posts was Dirk's article at OnTheForecheck that was a takeoff (with a local slant) on a SBJ story about bloggers filling the void left behind by the vanishing print media. Nashville is the poster child for the lessening of inches in the local paper. I asked the Section303 guys how they managed to get a guy holding up a 303 sign in the original SBJ story. It is really there, check it out. Anyway, Dirk's story is very timely and we appreciate the props he gave POTG.

Also a great read is Rachel from What The Puck's roundup of all things Preds from the last couple of weeks. She has more in one blog that I get to in a week. If you are coming back from vacation, read Rachel's column and you will be caught up on all the Pred happenings.

The Preds got approval for the super luxury seats that cost $20k per year. Mark and I discussed this on the podcast aftershow last night and it will be interesting to see the response once these pricey little babies go on the market.

On Monday, the Preds added to their stable of low dollar two-way contract signees with the addition of Ben Eaves. Last season, he was a point a game producer for the combined regular and post season for the Espoo Blues of the Finish Elite League. He was a team mate of goaltender Mikko Koskinen who went 31st overall to the Islanders in last month's draft. He has a great pedigree so we'll see what he does as he is given the opportunity to make the Preds in a wide open camp.

The Predators completed their youth hockey school last week. Jackson attended one year when he was an active player.

Finally, don't forget Thursday night's Skate of the Union at the Sommet Center. I love a reason to head down to the rink in the middle of summer.

The Preds also announced that the partial ticket plans are now on sale.

Hendricks Hockey has a rumor that Scott Harnell or Scotty Upshall may return to the Preds. I think Hartnell is way out of the question with Upshall not too far behind.

Jim Diamond has part two in his series on the Olympics and the NHLPA/NHL.

Paul McCann has a different take on Hockey in the Olympics. As radical a departure as it seems on the surface, it really could make sense.

New Predator Ben Guite recently returned to U-Maine for their annual Alumni game.

Around the Hockey World...

Ryan at the RedLightDistrict started his off season grading with the Atlantic division. We are going to have him on POTG Radio soon to run through all 30 teams as part of our 2009-10 preview series.

NHL.com updates their list of the best of the remaining UFA's. I don't see the Preds shopping off that list and I really don't blame them unless someone comes in way under market value.

Brian Metzer has a repost of a great article that I enjoyed the first time it was up. It's called "A Gift from My Father" and is a must read for fathers, sons and everyone else.

Puck Daddy has a story about Wayne Gretzky wanting the Coyotes to build like the Pens. That headline will certainly grab you.

Mirtle had a post about the KHL eyeing European markets. The Hudler thing may have been a brief distraction while the KHL is waiting for a bigger fish to fry.

Jackson found the following YouTube gem...

Happy Birthday to Chris Wassel's mother who turns 64 today.

Finally, just to go as far off topic as possible, this is a really bizarre story about ex-Prez Jimmy Carter leaving the Baptist Church. Isn't that a breach of something like, "Love and Marriage... goes together like a horse and carriage." The apocalypse can't be far off.

More Later...

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