Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits and POTG Podcast

Last night's POTG Radio show was one the more fun ones that we have have done. It's definitely one to check out on the podcast which has about 35 minutes of bonus footage.

We originally scheduled Codey Holland of section303.com for the entire hour to discuss the "Skate of the Union" but he had to cut it short due to a death in the family. We ask for prayers for his wife, Brooke and her family in the loss of her grandmother. They will be be traveling and we pray for a safe trip and return.

Oddly enough, we were able to have Launy "The" Swartz from Hockey54.com for the last 25 minutes of the show and another 35 minutes in the archive for the podcast. I met Launy at the NHL Awards show and found out about his web site and Hockey 54 Television that will start in September. The site currently has a ton of videos that Launy did including the George Laraque video that was teased during the show.

Thanks to Codey and Launey for one of the more memorable editions of POTG radio. I'm not sure why we were thinking of taking a few weeks off. We would have missed a lot.

Next Monday we are scheduled to have Adam Sherlip aka @hockeyidealist and The Hockey Volunteer who's home page is at The Hockey Foundation. Chasta at Love the Game had an interview with him over the weekend which is a good preview.

In Pred Nation...

First off, Happy Birthday to @AJinNashville who is one of our loyal readers and writes at AllYourBlogsAreBelongToUs as well as a few other places.

The other half of Section303, Jeremy Gover, posted the third in a series of posts on Making the Case. This time it was for Max Afinogenov. I can't believe the Preds would sign him but Jeremy is being persistent in putting names before the Preds that could make a difference. Prior cases were made for Sergi Zubov and Alex Tanguay. Keep up the good work Jeremy. Maybe something will stick with the Preds.

Forechecker had the story on the Metro Law Director questing the legalities of the new super luxury section that the Preds have proposed. Our friend Mike Gifford at the Puck Report reshuffled Dirk's travel numbers to come up with a new variation, 2009 Playoff miles traveled.

Paul McCann pushes a new theme for the Preds, giving a good effort right from the start. Hat's off to that idea.

The best piece of journalism to come down the pike in a long time is Tripp Mickle's piece at the Sports Business Journal about Boots DelBiaggio. It's actually a short book, but don't be deterred by the length as is is a quality read. Forechecker also has his analysis of the situation.

The "Little Preds" hockey school is underway at the old Southern Ice Arena. Jim Diamond has the story. Forechecker's son is involved so we should hear more from him on it before the week is over.

Brandon Felder has tweeted that he will post new information today on a top six forward that the Preds almost signed. We'll be watching for that article.

Around the NHL...

In the ongoing Phoenix saga, Mirtlle reports that Ice Edge and Jim Ballsillie are set to talk with the NHL on Wednesday. The Spec has an update on the games proposed for Saskatooon.

Adam Proteau at The Hockey News takes a look at what the GM's will be wanting in the next CBA with a couple of quotes from Brian Burke.

Chris Wassel at The Program has a top ten list of UFA signings by intelligence. That's something you don't see much of these days, but Chris found at least 10 good ones.

A big day for the Lighthouse project on Monday with the Governor of NY, David Paterson, showing up and supporting the project. Here's another take from Chris Botta.

Jake Duhaime has a nice story about how much Aaron Ward will be missed in Boston.

Stan Fischler received a phone call from Marty Biron who is excited about his move to the Island.

Sean Leahy points us to this odd video of Sean Avery live at Bonnaroo. He blends in better there than he does in the NHL.

Off topic today is an incredible picture of the Space Shuttle docked to the ISS as it crosses the sun.

For those who enjoyed the Chaco Canyon stuff yesterday, here is more about the excavations and what they have found recently.

Another O.T... The Tennessean Lifestyle Department will try a new (old) approach today. Check it out.

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


As a child I was fascinated with the career of baseball legend Satchel Paige and read a couple of books about him. A new book is out entitled "Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend." Here is a short interview and audio clip with the author Larry Tye.

From @cellblock303: UFA ALERT: Former Predator Andy Delmore signs w/ Detroit in what is thought to be an AHL move. (per USA Today's Kevin Allen)

I missed this earlier and now I wish I was going. From
@dani3boyz: **TONIGHT** It's finally here! Don't miss out on the NYC #NHLtweetup – #NHLwithdrawl Edition! I am sure we will have reports and photos to pass along tomorrow.

If you are Mario Lemieux and you have Sidney Crosby living in your basement, do you really want this type of harassment from a weirded out homeless guy? (H/T to Illegal Curve)

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