Friday, July 31, 2009

TGIF Updates

Breaking News in the desert... The NHL will ask the courts to postpone the "local" bidders auction to September 10 per a new story in the Globe and Mail. The reasoning behind the move is to give the Reinsdorf and Ice Edge more time to work on their bids. Concurrently, they basically state that there is no reason for a second auction involving the Jim Ballsillie bid. I really don't see this flying without a hearing on the matter which will be opposed by Moyes and Ballsillie.

With all the discussion about 106.7 going to Top 40 (I can't imagine what that is) other news came out from WNSR that the Thom Abraham show will now be streamed live on Ustream. This is a good thing for local sports radio because it adds a chat room to the program where the listeners can interact with the show. That is one of my favorite features about using BlogTalkRadio for our weekly POTG show.

In Pred Nation...

Jim Diamond writes that at least two collegiate Predator prospects will be captains of their teams this fall, Blake Geoffrion at Wisconsin and Ryan Flynn at Minnesota. Ryan Thang may also be named a captain at Notre Dame. Leadership and character have always been key ingredients of "the Predator way" so this is a real positive.

John Glennon had a couple of posts at Inside Predators. One had good news that it appears Ryan Jones will be signing a one way contract with the Preds soon. The other was basically said that the Preds had no comments on any dealings with Vinny Prospel.

Paul McCann has a post about the Coyote's situation as well as a few comments on the KHL in the Jiri Hudler saga.

Forechecker has his Friday Breakfast links with several interesting topics.

A couple of new stories at Admirals Short Shifts, one about Josh Gratton and the other on the Ads hiring a new assistant.

Around the NHL...

The day after the NHL Board of Governors met to approve Jerry Reinsdorf as a suitable owner, ex-Coyote owner, Jerry Moyes, filed a brief stating that Reinsdorf's bid was was not a "qualified" bid and could not be approved as a point of law. I guess we will see. Mirtle also writes about Ballsillie having zero alies in the NHL ownership club.

Michelle Kenneth had a great rookie year as an NHL writer for Inside Hockey. She posts part one of her story that includes a trip to Prague and the Winter Classic.

Ryan at the Red Light District ask the question, "Should the NHL Go Back to ESPN?" I personally would like to see better offerings available on the internet with the ability to watch NHL Network 24/7. The NHL Center Ice package also needs to be revised with less blackout restrictions. The only reason sites like ATDHE and other P2Ps have flourished is because of the limits placed on the games at Center Ice. I would like to buy the NHL package but I won't if many of the games I want to see are blacked out.

The Hockey News posted a list of the Top 10 American players and Chris Chelios was number one. I'm sure this could be debated long into the night but i do wish the Preds would give Chris a shot ast the seventh or eight defenseman.

Pictures of this week's NHL Tweetup in New York are now posted here. Thanks Dani. and NHL Network will cover thirty teams in 30 days (alphabetically) starting August 1. Here's a linkable calendar for easy reference.

Craig Custance reports that after appearing to let the NHL arbitration process run it's course with Jiri Hudler, the KHL announced that they had registered Hudler's KHL contract worth $5 million a year with Moscow Dynamo which makes it official. The KHL is really burning bridges and in the long run will cost young Russian players a lot of money by making NHL teams less likely to deal with them. Forechecker also posts on Hudler and the KHL.

Craig also has an interesting interview with Chris Pronger where he poses the question, "Has Chris Pronger hurt his reputation?"

We posted information on the end of Chris Botta's blog NYI Point Blank yesterday. Now Islanders Independent is trying to rally the fans to go to his aid and have the Islanders re-up him for another year. Seventh Woman also throws in her support.

Here's the type of story I always like to see as Jon Jordan salutes his dad on his 60th birthday.

Calum and Mark from Road Hockey Rumble visited XM's HTM today. Here is their interview. Jackson and I need to bring them in for some PredsOnTheGlass Cup action out in front of our house.

Down Goes Brown has another humorous post about how to tell if you are getting hockey advice from a deranged homeless person.

More humor from Buckeyes Are Deadly Nuts with her review of the NHL Puck Bunny (Ice Girls) squads. This is really good.

It's a slow week for hockey news so here is more on the problems Columbus is having with their arena lease from Jeff Little at Inside Hockey.

Here is a list of hockey folks to follow on Twitter posted by Puck Central..

Off topic... I missed posting a Chaco story yesterday (and it is Chaco Week at POTG) so here is one on a place I've never been to called Canyon Pintato in Colorado. It looks like there is tons of rock art that would be fun to explore.

More Later...

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Hey thanks for the link! Glad you enjoyed my slutty whore review.

PredsOnTheGlass said...

Aubrey, It was a great article. I don't like cheerleaders at hockey games. The Pred's cheerleaders with their shimmering pom poms are really over the top. I'm a little more lenient on the ice squads since they actually do something.

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Thanks for the link to my "who hockey fans should follow on Twitter" list, appreciate it!