Wednesday, May 4, 2011

POTG Wednesday News, Headlines, and Links

Sad night for the Predators and their fans last night as they took a tough loss on a questionable call when Ryan Kesler "chicken winged" Shea Weber's stick drawing a hooking call from referee Tim Peel who has risen to top ten most hated status in Smashville. Here is our game story and morning wrap up.

After the jump you will find an assortment of news and links including a preview of RLD Hockey Radio today with a very special guest. One last point before the jump, We are really spoiled to have a coach with a personality in Nashville because Alain Vigneault is duller that watching paint dry...

Programming note...

Ryan has really knocked it out of the park lining up CBC play-by-play man Jim Hughson as our special guest on RLD Radio at noon on BlogTalkRadio. It will be interesting getting his perspective on all the playoffs but especially the Preds-Canucks series that he is making the call for in Nashville.

In Pred Nation...

I'd like to call attention to a great post by Ryan Porth about The Uniqueness of Snashville that may have gotten lost with a late post yesterday.

Chris Burton found a gif file that really looks like Roberto Luongo was faking the high sticking call on Jerred Smithson last night.

Roy McGregor has a great post about the Predators and the last line by Pekka Rinne is killer.

Barry Trotz doesn't sound to excited about Shane O'Brien's Twitter account. From @benkuzma: Trotz on O'Brien now onTwitter: "He has grown up. He learned what you say and do can be twisted. I told him to throw his phone away." John Manasso has a full story.

The Preds love to used their defensive guys to create offense.

James Mirtle interviewed Dirk Hoag for a Nashville perspective at the Globe and Mail.

John Manasso has his perspective on the Nashville buzz.

Nick Cotsonika talks about hockey in May in Nashville.

Milwaukee took a 2-1 series lead over Houston with a 5-3 road win on Tuesday night.

Whale Tales...

The Globe and Mail reports that Elvis is alive and well on Lower Broad.

Mike Reno of the band Loverboy (80's rock for you youngsters) has released a new song for the Canucks. He should have left it at "Everybody's Working for the Weekend."

Here is the Canadian view of "The Predator Way."

Kurtenblog has four things about the Predators that most Canadians did not know.

How ugly is Barry Trotz?

Around the NHL...

In the only other game on Tuesday, the Lightning took a commanding 3-0 series lead over Washington with a 4-3 comeback win that Bruce Boudreau was not pleased with. The Lightning have a chance to sweep the series tonight at 6 p.m. on NHL Network.

In other games tonight, Philadelphia moves to Boston for game three at 6 p.m. on Versus and the Flyers hope to break in to the win column since they are down 2-0 to the Bruins. In the later game, San Jose is in Detroit (7 p.m.) and hopes to extend it 2-0 lead in game three of their series. The game will be joined in progress by Versus and should be available on the Center Ice package.

HBO has received an Emmy for their 24/7 series that featured the Pens and Caps road to the Winter Classic. Mike "Doc" Emrick also received one for for his play-by-play work.

Rory Bolen discusses the beauty of a non-call.

Illegal Curve has the latest on the Yotes to Winnipeg front with news that the City of Glendale has paid $25 million to the NHL to help defray expenses and was part of their agreement.

Down Goes Brown has an application form for folks to join Team Canada at the World Championships.

Odds and Ends...

There is an interesting statistic that shows that the percentage of households with televisions has fallen slightly in the United States. It appears that the internet is slightly eroding the need for a TV.

More Later...

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