Thursday, November 10, 2011

POTG NHL Seven Stories: Protect the Moon from Looting Edition

  1. The biggest news of the day is a different version of the same story that we have heard since January. Sidney Crosby is not ready to return this weekend. So much for all the numerologists who thought he would return on 11-11-11.
  2. After the lack of play in Tampa last night (video), ex-NHL referee Kerry Fraser clarifies the rules in place as to how to apply them to the specific instance in question.
  3. The pick for our top game of the night tonight is the Vancouver Canucks traveling to Los Angeles to play the Kings (local networks and NHL Center Ice, 9:30 CST). We'll probably watch the Taylor versus Tyler match for the early game as Edmonton visits Boston (local networks and NHL Center Ice, 6:00 CST).
  4. James Reimer's mother throws in her two cents about her son's injury and it isn't looking great. So what will the Leaf's do tonight and going forward as a solution for their problems in net?
  5. Here is your 2012 NHL All-Star ballot if you are ready to plan ahead for the start of voting on Monday. Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Anaheim each have six players on the ballot
  6. Puck the Media has all the details on the NHL's new agreement with Ross Greenburg and what to expect to be coming down the pipe in the near future.
  7. Adrian Dater is a man of many interests. One is checking out famous pawn shops. On a recent visit to American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, he found ex-Wing, Darren McCarty working there and has pictures to prove it.

Odds and Ends... NASA is concerned that space tourists will soon converge on the Earth's moon and steal all the trinkets left there during the six lunar landings between 1969 and 1972. A 1200 acre "no fly" zone is proposed. I'm not sure who will be there to enforce the proposed legislation.

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