Monday, November 7, 2011

POTG Seven Stories: Mid-Day Mixed Bag Edition

  1. This week's 30 Thoughts from Elliotte Friedman has plenty of Blues-BJ's chatter plus an interesting tidbit that Marty Brodeur's favorite goalie to watch is Pekka Rinne.
  2. Hockey Prospectus does an analysis and feels that the Predators overpaid for Brodeur's favorite goalie to watch.
  3. Pull up a chair and sit a while and read this great interview with Pete Weber's on his Random Cities from Steve Lepore.
  4. Josh Harding, Loui Eriksson, and Nicklas Backstrom are the NHL's Three Stars of the Week.
  5. There was a big shake-up this week in the RLD Power Rankings with plenty of teams on the move, up and down.
  6. Sports Club Stats is back with their new percentages of teams making the playoffs in the NHL.
  7. What could be better than watching a KHL coach try to hit fans with a stick
Odds and Ends... Are you addicted to the Internet? Here is a a way to find out.

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