Friday, November 11, 2011

POTG Seven Stories: McRib Conspiracy Theory Edition

  1. Bryan Mullen has the story of a local veteran who just happens to be a lifelong hockey fan.
  2. The Injury bug is making the rounds in the Predators locker room again this season
  3. Dirk Hoag runs the numbers on Craig Smith and the other rookies to see how the ex-Badger matches up.
  4. Craig Custance has a feature on Smith at ESPN buried behind a pay wall.
  5. Harrison Mooney says that Smith's game is more exciting than his game at Puck Daddy.
  6. Scotty Wazz takes a look from the north-land at Nashville's D-ilemma.
  7. What would Friday be without "My View" from Mark Willoughby.
McDonald's McRib sandwich has been around off and on for almost twenty years and has a cult following of sorts. So why is it available sometimes and not others. Here is a very detailed conspiracy theory of the on again, gone again cyclical nature of the offal product.

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