Sunday, November 6, 2011

POTG Seven Stories: NHL Sunday Edition

We have been doing basically the same thing with our morning links for four years at POTG and will experiment with some other formats, features, and timing as a change over the next few weeks. We appreciate any comments or feedback, either positive or negative. As always, thanks for reading.

  1. Drew Doughty could have had a career ending injury on Saturday night had his visor not stopped this James Neal shot from point blank range.
  2. PHT takes a look at a classic Jon Tortorella Q and A. Knowing nothing about anything is one way not to talk when you don't want to, I guess.
  3. How could any team be as bad as the Columbus Blue Jackets appear to be so far this year? After this 9-2 thrashing by the Flyers on Saturday night, the BJ's are off until Thursday when they host the Western Conference leading Blackhawks. Something has to give, especially in goal where Steve Mason (2-10-1, 3.70, .869) continues to prove that he is not an NHL goaltender.
  4. Shanny TV (aka Brendan Shanahan) plans to personally meet with every NHL team by New Year's Day to give a personal touch to his theory of discipline that appears to be having a positive effect.
  5. We love the dream of a 30 city in 30 day NHL road trip, but Ms Conduct explains what she would like to do in the AHL, and why, at Backhand Shelf.
  6. Down Goes Brown touches on the Alexander Ovechkin-Bruce Boudreau disagreement from this week with a list of other classic feuds between players and coaches.
  7. Non-hockey in San Fransisco... After the waves died for three days at Ocean Beach and the embarrassment of prematurely awarding Kelly Slater his unprecedented in sports, eleventh championship trophy, the waves returned and the action continued this morning. Go here for a live feed of all the action.

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