Sunday, May 24, 2009

Early Sunday Morning News

From a hockey fan's perspective, Saturday night's game was one of the more disappointing matches in the playoffs. The game started out with both teams seemingly on equal footing until Pittsburgh scored a couple of quick goals to end the first period.

After holding on during the second period, Carolina scored to come within one at the start of the third period which gave rise to the hope of a good finish. Unfortunately, Ruslan Fedotenko scored half way through the period to put the game out of the Hurricane's reach. Goals by Adams and Guerin at the end were just another kick in the groin to a batter Cam Ward. The 6-2 final was indicative of the domination of the Penguins.

The series doesn't resume until Tuesday so maybe, Carolina can show a little life and extend the series or it will be a long wait for the finals for Pittsburgh. The league's decision to wait until June 5 to start the finals is more upsetting as the days roll on. Versus announced that they will carry the first four games of the finals, including back to back games on June 5 and 6 to start it off.

Today's game between the Wings and Hawks will be an NBC affair starting at 2:00 Central. Chicago will be without the services of Nikolai Khabibulin as he has the dreaded "lower body injury".

In Predator News...

Forechecker points us to a article from the Toronto Star that has Nashville listed as the #7 winningest sports city in North America since 2000. Indianapolis ranks first in the survey.

Around the NHL...

The Memorial Cup finals are this afternoon as Kelowna and Windsor square off on the NHL Network in the US.

No games last night in the AHL, but Hershey and Providence play tonight.

It is reported that the salary cap could drop as much as 2.5 million dollars next season and as much as six or seven million for 20010-11. This will really put a crimp in spending and long term contracts during this year's free agency. This has to be seen as a positive for the Predators and hopefully will make Steve Sullivan think twice before testing the market.

Another item from the Star, SOF Investments, the Coyotes largest secured creditor, is backing Jim Balsillie's bid but is resigned to the fact that the Coyotes will be in Glendale next year and wants the team to start marketing tickets better. It's no surprise that they want Balsillie's bid since he offered far more than the team is worth as it sits in Glendale.

Here's a business that is steady even in a poor economy. It would be interesting to live near the plant.

Chris at the Program sends a message to New Jersey Devils fans. Chris also plans to have Russ Cohen on his BTR show tonight at 7:00 Central.

NHL Snipers has an interesting Alexander Ovechkin interview.

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