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Special Edition of PredsOnTheGlass Radio Tonight

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Tonight's edition of PredsOnTheGlass radio will be a bit different than usual. I believe this will be the first topical episode that we have had. We will have Heather McWorter, Travis Hair and others from the Save The Coyotes group to get their take on all the happenings in the desert.

The entire episode has turned rather nasty with the "Make It Seven" crowd in Ontario appearing to want this franchise and not an expansion team. I, personally, may start the "Make it 32" campaign to get Hamilton and somewhere else a team too. I hope to have a representative from their group on in another show to try to understand their take on the situation also.

Sunday's playoff action was quite a spectacle. Both games feature the series favorites totally annihilating the opponent.

In the Detroit-Anaheim contest, Detroit picked up where they left off Thursday and poured it on the Ducks. After playing well for a series and a half, Hiller is starting to look very average for the Ducks. Detroit is starting to hit their stride and should take the series, if not in six on Tuesday, then certainly at home Thursday night.

Everything I have been thinking about the Bruins being out of the series with Carolina went out the window Sunday night. Boston played as I expected them to play for the last four games and totally dominated Carolina. The Hurricanes still have the upper hand and can clinch Tuesday night at home, but it won't be an easy task if Boston decides to play like they did in game five.

Ex-Pred Scott Walker threw a really nasty sucker punch at Aaron Ward at the end of the contest which on paper should result in a suspension for a fight and a game misconduct in the closing minutes of the game. The way things have gone lately, it is anyone's guess as to whether the rule will be enforced.

Tonight's action could produce the first two teams to qualify for the league finals. Washington will have to regroup, playing at Pittsburgh, if the are to survive. Simeon Varlamov will have to return to his prior form ot the Caps will need to score in bunches to force a game seven.

Out west, Chicago has a chance to clinch on home ice against Vancouver. I find it hard to believe that Vancouver could lose the series this quickly but the Hawks clearly out played them in their own rink on Saturday night. This will be a tough game to call.

In the Predator World...

The Milwaukee Admirals, down 3-2, face Houston tonight in game six in Milwaukee. The schedule is really quirky in that game five was in Houston and six and seven are in Milwaukee. So once again, the Ads are in another win or play golf situation. Hopefully they will have what it takes to win two at home and move to the semifinals. Here is a look at all four AHL series.

Sometimes Predator, Alexander Radulov was the hero for the Russian team on Sunday as he scored the game wining goal beating Team Canada by a 2-1 score in the finals of the World Championships. The victory also moved the Russians to the number one world ranking in the IIHF. Atlanta's Ilya Kovalchuk was named the tournament MVP.

Team USA lost to Sweden 4-2 in the bronze medal game. Hopefully, the US team will be more competitive in the Olympics in Vancouver next winter. Ryan Suter was named player of the game for the US squad for his defensive play.

The Predators site has had the most comprehensive stats for players participating in the games at this page. Pekka Rinne, Alexander Radulov and Shea Weber clearly were the top three from the Preds organization in the tournament.

Around the League...

Craig Custance at the Sporting News has his take on Atlanta (not) moving to Hamilton.

Mirtle has a look at the end of the line for Winnipeg.

Sports Business Journal has an analysis of "Whose Franchise is it" in regards to the Coyotes.

One thing that could come out of the Coyotes situation is if the bankruptcy court throws out the antitrust laws then it could lead to a huge case of musical chairs with teams moving with much les restriction.

Ryan at the RLD starts a series on his "Dream Team".

From Saturday, a good story about playoff hero Jussi Jokinen.

More later...

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OffTopic but Timely - Big day for the Space Shuttle Mission to the Hubble. Follow these folks on Twitter for up to the second updates including from Mike the astronaut who will twitter from space. @NASA, @HubblePAO, @KSC_Updates, @KSC_MOCOP @Astro_Mike @Astronautics @Astro_127 @spaceteam Other resources incude NASA's Launch Blog, FL Today's Flame Trench, and Spaceflight Now

Mike Brophy checks in on the Phoenix situation.

No attendance problems in Chicago, over one million served as of tonight.

Contained in an Email from XM Fantasy expert Rob Higgins "I didn't like the sucker punch on A. Ward by S. Walker - but really, if that's me in Ward's skates, not a chance I'm standing toe to toe with Walker without my guard up. What was he thinking? At that point, in a game that's out of hand and winding down in the playoffs, he should know better than to just stand there. Sad but true."

Mirtle shows percentages of when series end. Interesting.

@The_Yotes_Diva reports that "Coyotes Fans going on CBC Radio Toronto's Here & Now today to plead our case, tune in! "

No suspension for Scott Walker. Per "It was determined that the hit was not a "sucker punch." I would liked to have been a fly on the wall during that discussion. Walker's take was “I accept the league’s decision, Based on what was said on the ice as I was dropping my gloves, it was my understanding that I was engaged in an altercation.”

Our friend JasFaulkner has a great primer on hockey in a new post this afternoon. They also said nice things about us. Thanks!

Fanhouse has a post today that is on the side of Save the Coyotes and discusses rehabilitation of franchises.

Kelly McParland from the National Post writes of the much maligned Mike Milbury blasting Balsillie.

New Poll info from the Canadian Press - "Nationally, 63 per cent of respondents said another NHL team could thrive in Canada, while 19 per cent disagreed. But overall, 41 per cent said they didn't think the BlackBerry wizard's attempt to buy the bankrupt Coyotes would fly."

Way off topic - The Tennessee legislature is set to pass an "anti-crack" measure that has nothing to do with drugs.

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