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Memorial Day Friday Update

Malkin's Hat Trick

As we prepare for the long weekend in the US, we would like to remember our veterans and the service they have given, keeping us safe for over 225 years. Thank a soldier or a veteran today. Everyone enjoy the weekend and be safe.

Thursday night's game between the Canes and Pens had everything any one could ever want from a hockey game other than defense and quality goaltending. It was fun to watch a high scoring playoff affair, with me having no real dog in the hunt.

It is disappointing to see both series standing at 2-0 with serious questions about either the Canes or Hawks making a run at pushing the series to seven games. At this time of year, all I want to see is more games, because the season is fast coming to a close.

The game got off to a quick start with Carolina leading 3-2 after the first period. It was down hill from there for the Canes as Pittsburgh clearly man handled them the rest of the contest.

The game turned really nasty at the end with fights all around. The best comment on the end of the game came from @jasfaulkner who said "Did anyone else feel that final buzzer was about as merciful as a bullet to Ole Yeller's head?"

Tonight the action in the west moves from Detroit to Chicago where the crowd should be electric in spite of the Hawks being down 2-0. Even though I'm pulling for the Wings (a sacrilege, I know), I would like to see the Hawks win a couple at home to make a series of it. A full preview and game projection is at the RLD as always.

In Pred Nation...

Today's headline in Pred news is about a loyal Predator fan and Tweet-up organizer Amy Dawson who managed to get herself on CNN's 30 second pitch on Thursday. Click this link to watch the interview and pitch. Amy is looking for a new position and has great credentials and can get things done as evidenced by her CNN appearance. If anyone has any open positions or wants to contact Amy click here.

Hockey's future has a complete wrap up of Pred's AHL/ECHL prospects. Colin Wilson is ranked as the top prospect to no one's surprise. Together, this article combined with Brandon Felder's Preds free agent discussion, all the possible bases are covered for what the Predators have in their cupboard at this juncture before the draft and free agency date.

The Preds have a video and pictures about last weekend's open house on their site. They also have pictures of Jordin Tootoo at his home town Hudson Bay Fishing Derby. Can you say, slow news day.

Forchecker has a new profile of Joel Ward, one of the biggest surprises from last season and a player everyone hopes the Preds can resign.

Today is the last day for a few auction items for the Predators Foundation. As of last night there were a couple of good buys on a Preds team autographed jersey and a Shea Weber all-star jersey.

Around the NHL...

In Memorial Cup action Thursday night Windsor eliminated Rimouski 6-4 in the tie breaker game to see who would play Drummondville tonight for a shot at Kelowna Sunday in the finals. Dale Mitchell was the stars scoring three goals in the third. The Cup games are prime territory for scouts to get a final look at talent before the draft.

Desert News... Mirtle takes an in depth look at revenue figures generated from documents presented in the hearings. This is the first actual look at something solid that explains how the Coyotes got so far in debt. It still does not address why Phoenix is such an expensive team to operate. I realize that the lease arrangement is not good but these figures are way different than Nashville which is a frugal team.

On a lighter note, Mirtle gives us this about the "Zetterberg" commercial floating around the web.

Even though it's a holiday weekend, Chris at The Program on BTR has a special guest Sunday night when Russ Cohen will be on to discuss his new book "100 Ranger Greats". Russ hosts a couple of weekend shows on XM HomeIce on Prospects and the Business of hockey and is the principle at

Here's a question from Bangin Panger that Forechecker brought up last week about wheather scuffles like at the end of Thursday's game produce penaty minutes that carry over to the next game.

Sarah at For Puck's Sake is counting the days until October's puck drop.

From The Hockey Writers comes a comparison of the Wings-Pens to the Oilers-Islanders of the 80's.

Here's another mock draft that has the Preds taking Jordan Schroeder with the 11th pick. I would be surprised if the Predators did not package some picks and move up a few slots like they did last Summer when they got Colin Wilson.

I've heard several discussions lately about whether Chris Osgood is Hall of Fame material. Kukla's has a really good discussion with facts and figures.

Totally off topic... Mike Judge, creator of one of the great movies of all time, Office Space, has a new series debuting next week on ABC called the Goode Family. It is about an Al Gore inspired environmental wacko family. I don't watch non sports TV but this looks interesting. Everything King of the Hill did for conservatives, this should do for liberals.

I'm heartbroken with this story about how @Astro_Mike tweets from space. The Space Shuttle is so old school. They need better technology.

Finally, for those with a creative nature, NHL Digest is running a hockey T-shirt contest. Check it out. Some of the ones I've seen so far are pretty good.

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Labatt's strategy to back Make It 7 is discussed in this Globe and Mail story. Not being a follower of the beer business, I was unaware that Labatt was now actually a Budweiser brand. That should give the PHX crowd a better boycott target than Labatt's itself.

This is a really neat time lapse of Edmonton changing from winter to spring. Thanks to @theneilshow for the tweet pointing to it.

NHL Digest has a good outline of the issues in PHX compiled by an expert in such complex dealings.

Video from the Hurricane locker room from this morning.

The Roenick-Babcock comments is just plain odd and out of the blue. Puck Daddy takes a look at the situation. I really wish there was a place for JR on the Predators. I have always been a fan of his but I don't think he would fit in to the Barry Trotz led "dressing room" as Jason Arnott calls the locker room.

From @nhldigest "For those wondering, the Twitter account of @martinhavlat is confirmed by his agent as legit. #Blackhawks #NHL". Appears Marty is napping and fired up for tonight's game.

Late Friday afternoon news - Mike Keenan has been fired in Calgary. I guess this will be all the talk on TSN tonight between periods of the game. Great tweet by @forechecker "At this rate, it looks like Keenan has a chance to coach all 29 other NHL teams during Barry Trotz's tenure in Nashville."

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