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Tuesday Morning Updates

Good Morning! We would like to thanks our guests from last night's PredsOnTheGlass Radio show. It was a lot of fun and featured guests from both sides of North America. Web developers and extreme hockey enthusiasts Chris and Adrian Nadeau who run The Hockey Zen and Hockey Tweets web sites among many other ventures out of New Brunswick were on for the first half of the show. We then had Monique Reaux from Phoenix to give us an update on the goings on on the eve of today's big hearing between the NHL and Jim Balsillie. Monique runs the CoyotesHipCheck blog and is a co-founder of SaveTheCoyotes. If you missed the show, the podcast is avalible here.

Monday night's game between Pittsburgh and Carolina was somewhat predictable in outcome but was more entertaining that Sunday's Chicago-Detroit game. Carolina hung tough with the Pens for most of the game and had a chance to tie at the end after Joe Corvo's power play goal with 1:26 left brought the Cains to within a goal. This series appears to have a chance to go deeper than the Western Conference games, especially if the Hawks don't make more noise tonight. Hopefully Cole and Ruutu will return and be ready to play. Puck Daddy has his three stars from last night as well as the controversies.

Tonight's game is critical for Chicago if they plan to make a series out of it. Going in to the series, I really felt that the Hawks would have to win one game in Detroit and go home to take two if they were to have a chance to move to the finals. Kane and Toews are going to have to do better than -3. If Detroit is able to take them out of their game again tonight then it may be a short series. I hope that doesn't happen because I would love to see both series go seven. Here's a "what happened?" type look back at game one from View From My Seats.

Ryan at the RLD has complete analysis of tonight's match up as well as computer projection. Big Hair Hockey will have a BTR show tonight on the Eastern Conference with a panel of writers.

In Predator News...

John Glennon takes a look at the Predator free agents. There was also a rumor yesterday that Glennon was working on a story about @Sully26 and his recent Twitter usage. We'll be watching for that one.

The Pred's broadcasters have their take on the third round games. Tom Callahan interviewed Colin Wilson on Friday, so we should have a new story from him soon.

The Predators also have a new section for the upcoming free agent draft on the home page. The list of #11 picks which is where they pick this year is impressive.

Forechecker reports that David Freeman was selected as the Outstanding Nashvillian of the Year by the Kiwanis Club.

The Business of Sports did an article on Tweetups and my favorite Tweeter, @dani3boyz, and actually used our POTG Podcast featuring Dani as a reference for "more info".

Around the NHL...

Today's big news in the league is the hearing in the desert this afternoon. @TheYotesDiva will have play by play via Twitter.

The Globe and Mail says there's more teams in the cross hairs if Balsillie fails at today's hearing. The G and M claims Balsillie will also not appeal if the judge rules against them. Unfortunately, for Pred's fans, Boots DelBiaggio's 26% stake in the Preds is Balsillie's second favorite current target, but the article does list six other possibilities. Here's the lead story from Hamiliton with links to numerous sub plots.

One thing that was discussed on last night's POTG Radio show was that Balsillie may have upset the apple cart in the pro sports owners fraternity. All of the other major sports leagues have aligned themselves with the NHL to avoid a breakdown in the antitrust exemption that allows the leagues for function as they have since the beginning of modern pro sports.

Howard Berger has a very thoughtful analysis. Here's another look at the issues in Phoenix. Here's another interesting story from the National Post.

Memorial Cup action continues. Jamie Benn scored four goals last night to send Kelowna to the finals.

In not a fan of the NBA or WWE at all, but this off-topic story shows major ineptitude in the arena management at the Pepsi Center in Denver. How do you book two major events for the same night? Maybe the same way you look at hiring a head coach when you already have one? Is this similar?

More Later...

Buddy Oakes forPredsOnTheGlass


Forechecker adds more perspective to the Globe and Mail reference listed above.

Eklund checks in on Phoenix with a good perspective. I have been meaning to do a full article myself. My best guess is that the judge will listen to every thing and then take it under advisement and push both sides to work out a compromise.

Boston thanks their fans.

Winnipeg want's first shot if Phoenix moves.

Jackson liked this video where Mike Milbury called Tiger Woods, Tiger Wuss.

Sean Leahy points out that Sportsnet will also live blog the PHX hearing.

Jackson adds 20 questions with Patrick Kane from NHL Snipers.

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